People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 6/2/86 (IP, 89)

On the same day [10 July, 1296], at the same place [Montrose], with the witnesses immediately recorded before being present, and the Notary, the lord Alexander Kennedy, canon of Glasgow, the lord Nicholas de Haye, knight, the lord John Sinclair of Herdmanston, Andrew de Chartres, William of Silksworth, Alexander of Airth, the lord Hugh Ridel, knight, and John Comyn of Scraesburgh, coming not by force or in fear but of their own accord, entirely annulled the alliances, contracts, conventions, and pacts, if ever any were entered into in their name with the king of the French against the lord king of England, in so far as they related to them; and having taken the holy gospels and kissed them, they performed fealty to the king of England, and upon their fealty so performed, they individually drew up their letters patent sealed with their own pendant seals.
Firm date
10 July 1296
Dating Notes
eodem die [10 July 1296]
Place date (modern)
Place date (document)
eodem loco
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Source for Data Entry
Thomson, Instrument Publica, p. 89 (TNA, MS C47/23/3, m. 8)
Trad. ID
IP, 89
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Charter type
Public Instrument
Ragman Roll: TNA, MS C47/23/3, m. 8

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