People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/254/13 (Melr. Lib., no. 378)

John of Graham, son and heir of Sir Nicholas of Graham, states that since he should have given, granted and by his charter established to Melrose Abbey all right and claim which his ancestors and he held, or at any time were able to hold, in the liberties of the lands of the monks in Eskdale (DMF) (i.e. lands in his barony of Westerkirk which were donated to the monks by his ancestors as is contained in his charter), [and] at the present time, during the truce between Edward, the illustrious king of England, and Robert de Brus the captive, he does not prevail to give sasine or to confer peaceful possession of the liberties of the monks for the peace of the king of England, he binds himself and all his goods, moveable and immovable, totaling one-hundred pounds of sterling, to be rendered to the monks at the feast of the purification of the blessed Mary unless during the eight days after the feast he will have been able to reseize the lands and will have given sasine [of them] to the monks. And if he shall postpone the completion the aforesaid, or fail in the warrandice of the aforesaid, he obligates nothingless than himself, his heirs and all his goods, movable and immovable, totalling two-hundred pounds, to be released in substitution for the land, by whichever collector the monks appointed to levy it. And if it happens that, God forbid, by death or by someother cause he is not able to give or to provide saisine of the liberties to the monks, then he obligates him and his heirs, and also all his goods, moveable and immovable, totalling one-hundred pounds [to be given] to the monks, up to the penalty of two-hundred pounds expressed above. He renounces for him and his heirs all right to legal remedy, etc.
Firm date
8 May 1309
Dating Notes
in the octaves of the Ascension of the lord in the year of grace 1309
Place date (modern)
Place date (document)
Related Place
Source for Data Entry
Melrose Liber, no. 378
Trad. ID
Melr. Lib., no. 378
Calendar number
Charter type
Original (contemporary)
NAS, GD 55/378

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Date Short Summary Primary Witnesses
unavailable Concession of rights of lands of Eskdale (DMF) no
unavailable Gift of Eskdale (DMF) no
8 May 1309 Obligation to give £100 to Melrose Abbey yes

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Date Short Summary Holder Lord
8 May 1309 barony of Westerkirk John Graham, knight, son of Nicholas Graham (d. 1337)