People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/350/27 (Newb. Reg., no. 172)

William Lindsay, the knight, son of the late Sir David Lindsay, states that he made, ordained and constituted for him and his heirs, that Lord John, abbot of the monastery of Newbattle, and his successors, are to annually receive from his assignees and his heirs in perpetuity twenty pounds of good sterling from annual return which Sir Colin Campbell, son of Sir Gillespic Campbell, and his heirs or assignees are being bound to render by his charter of obligations to William and his heirs or assignees, in the monastery of Newbattle on the day of Saint Andrew, the apostle, in perpetuity, on the reckoning of the contract and agreement entered into between William and Sir Colin concerning the land of Symington in Kyle (AYR), as in his charter of obligations, which resides in the power of the abbot and convent, fully contains. And [the abbot and convent] are to annually provide for the twenty pounds pious works and places (locis?) for him and souls of Sir David of Lindsey, his father, and Margaret of Lindsey, his mother, and all his ancestors and successors, as agreed between him and the said abbot, by the consent of his convent, and as is contained in his charter. He gives to the abbot and his successors and their attorneys his free power, with all his right which he held or was able to hold any time, to receive twenty pounds from Colin and his heirs, as from his pledges and the heirs of his pledges, and the right to hold the land of Symington for the money if it was not rendered on the day and place it should, and further rights concerning the render are also stipulated.
Firm date
30 November 1293
Dating Notes
on the day of St Andrew the apostle in the year of grace 1293
Place date (modern)
Place date (document)
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Source for Data Entry
Newbattle Registrum, no. 172
Trad. ID
Newb. Reg., no. 172
Calendar number
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Original (contemporary)
NAS, GD 40/1/25. seal of grantor

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Date Short Summary Holder Lord
30 Nov. 1293 Charter of agreement between William Lindsay and Colin Campbell John, abbot of Newbattle (1291-96)