People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/722/1 (Camb. Reg., no. 5)

Henry of Farsley, lord of Fargie, conveys to the abbot and convent of Cambuskenneth, in return for the benefits and honours conferred by them on himself and his predecessors, and for the salvation of his soul, the mill of Arngask (PER), and two acres of land adjacent to it, in pure, free and perpetual alms, under reservation of an annual pension of four shillings of sterling, assigned to Culross Abbey by his predecessors. Henry binds himself and his heirs not to erect any new mill, or set up any building or other work disadvantageous to the abbot and convent, and likewise to compel his tenants of Arngask, Conland and Newton (all in Arngask parish, PER) to come to the mill, and pay for multure the sixteenth sack of grain, dry and wet; the tenants of Pitillock (Arngask parish, PER) to pay the twenty-fourth sack for multure; those of Binn and Catochill (Abernethy parish, PER) to satisfy as they were bound, and those of Balvaird (Abernethy parish, PER), unless they or their master could show that they were not bound to come to the mill. Henry and his heirs are to pay a sixty-fourth sack for multure of grain from land cultivated at their own expense, but in the event of their letting the land, the tenant was to pay a sixteenth sack for multure. Henry further bound himself and his heirs to compel those who owed suit to the mill to repair or reconstruct it, and the dam and stream thereof, when it should be necessary to do so, under the pain of suspension or excommunication by the Archdeacons of St Andrews and Dunblane, whomever they may be at the time, if they should fail in the observance of all, and sundry the premises.
Firm date
27 July 1295
Dating Notes
the sixth day before the calends of August in 1295
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Cambuskenneth Registrum, no. 5
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Camb. Reg., no. 5
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Date Short Summary Title Holder
27 Jul. 1295 lord of Fargie Henry of Farsley, lord of Fargie