People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/17/64 (Lenn. Cart., 20-1)

Malcolm, earl of Lennox, has given, granted and by this his charter established to Sir John of Luss the homage and service of Maldoven Macgillemychelmore (Maeldomnaich MacGillemicheil Mor) and his heirs, and Gilchrist Maccristyne and his heirs, of the whole land of Bandry (DNB), with all its correct bounds, freedoms and pertinents, and with one island which is called Inchconnachan (DNB), and another island which is called Elanclew, so that Maldoven and Gilchrist and their heirs will answer for all forinsec and intersec service to John and his heirs, [which is] owed to Malcolm and his heirs from the land with the islands. The homage and service is to be held and had without any opposition of Malcolm and his heirs, and John and his heirs are to render to Malcolm and his heirs the common army service of the king, when it may have become necessary, two cheeses from each house in which there may be cheese, and the aids of the king, so much as it pertains to such lands, for all other forinsec service which they will be able to extract from the land with the lands in perpetuity, and for suit of court, which Malcolm and his heirs relaxed to Sir John and his heirs in perpetuity. Malcolm promises warrandice.
Firm date
1286 X 16 July 1309
Dating Notes
Late 13th century × death of James Stewart
Source for Data Entry
Lennox Cartulary, 20-1
Trad. ID
Lenn. Cart., 20-1
Calendar number
Charter type
note = Fraser, Colquhouns, no. 6

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