People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/17/76 (Lenn. Cart., 39-40)

Malcolm, earl of Lennox, states that since neither his ancestors nor he himself, used to receive any captions or prises in the lands of Sir Patrick of Graham, before the death of his lord, Alexander [III], king of Scotland, he acknowledges and grants that he has no right to acquire any captions or prises in the lands of Sir Patrick or his heirs from the goods of them or their men. Henceforth, he wishes and grants for him and his heirs that he will not seize, nor will he be permitted to seize, any prises or captions in their lands, unless they may wish to sell their goods to Malcolm and his heirs by their spontaneous good will.
Firm date
1300 X June 1320
Probable date
probably after charter in _RRS_, v, 2A.
Dating Notes
Early 14th century × death of Thomas of Cramminan
Source for Data Entry
Lennox Cartulary, 39-40
Trad. ID
Lenn. Cart., 39-40
Calendar number
Charter type
Note: the elder Malcolm of Drummond (Poms 6200) witnessed charters in the Lennox in the 1270s and probably was the Malcolm Drummond captured at Dunbar in 1296 and again in 1301. Scots Peerage suggests he was never released at this point. His son, Malcolm Drummond, floruit about 1310 – 1346. Thomas of Craminnan appearance suggests this is the earlier Malcolm Thomas of Craminnan was dead by June 1320.

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Date Short Summary Holder Lord
1300 X Jun. 1320 Lands in Lennox (DNB) Patrick Graham (I), knight (d.1296)