People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 4/33/27 (Glas. Reg., no. 244)

Robert, bishop of Glasgow, records an agreement between William of Moray, lord of Bothwell on the one hand, and the dean and chapter of Glasgow on the other, concerning the church of Smailholm (BWK). William, for him and his heirs, successors or assignees, and the dean and chapter, through Master William of Lamberton, the chancellor, Thomas of Dundee, the sub-dean of Glasgow, and William of Eaglesham, rector of Kingarth, their procurators, submitted to the bishop’s ordination concerning the controversy, and they were bound by an oath of faith, supplied into the bishop’s hands, that they will not come against it any time. The bishop, wishing to reform peace and agreement between the parties, wishes and ordains that the dean and chapter should resign the whole right which they allege to have in the church of Smailholm, by whatever title, to Sir William and his heirs, and should restore the charters, muniments, sentences, and other instruments, which they keep mentioning the church of Smailholm, to Sir William, and also they should send notice to relax the sentences of suspension, excommunication, and interdict on William. However, on the other hand, the bishop ordains that Sir William should manage the vacancy of the church of Walston (LAN), of which he is patron, [and] concerning this vacancy, Sir William should freely confer right of patronage of the rector of the church of Walston to the dean and chapter. The bishop wishes the rectory to be converted and assigned for the sole use of the dean and chapter, [and] for the augmentation of their community in perpetuity, viz.: that the dean and chapter, by name of the rectory, should freely receive twenty marks annually in the garbal teinds from the tenths of the church of Walston, following the bishop’s common estimation, along with three acres of land from the land of the church, assigned to them by the bishop’s determination. And concerning the remaining major and minor fruits of the church, they should be granted and converted for the use of the vicar serving in the church and every burden belonging to the church. Concerning the vicar, the bishop wishes presentation of vicar to pertain to Sir William and his successors in perpetuity. Additionally, he wishes and ordains that all expenses accrued by the dean and chapter by reason of the controversy should be remitted up to the sum of 100 marks, which 100 marks, the bishop wishes to be rendered by Sir William or his successors at specified times, viz.: ten marks on the feast of Pentecost in the year 1293, another ten marks at the feast of St Martin in winter nearest following, and it should be rendered as such for five years until the 100 marks are fully paid.
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Friday 24 April 1293
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on the Friday nearest before the feast of St Mark, the Evangelist, in the year of grace 1293
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Glasgow Registrum, no. 244
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Glas. Reg., no. 244
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