People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/100/9 (Lind. Cart., no. 136)

Elena, bereaved of the late Sir William of Brechin, lady of Collessie, in her widowhood, has given, granted and by this her present charter established to Lindores Abbey, for the salvation of her soul and the souls of all her ancestors and successors, two small portions of land within her holding of Collessie (FIF), which she has perambulated in person, and she has put the abbot of Lindores, in the name of himself and his convent, in corporal possession, for placing and stacking his peats or fuel, and for constructing buildings for saving the said fuel. Of which small portions of land one is called Inch, which lies to the north, immediately next to the land which the monks have and had in the villa of Collessie. And that island is surrounded on the west and north by a marsh, which is called in English Seggie Mire (FIF), on the east by a marsh which is called in English Muchelli. But the other small portion is in the south part of the moor of Eden lying, on its northern part next adjoining the marsh of the monks, which by another name is called Mungrey (now Minnie’s Green, FIF). And that small portion of land contains one acre and a quarter. She also gives to monks a free road for drawing and carting the said fuel without hindrance through her lands of Collessie from their marsh to each of the two places, and beyond, as often as they please and have need. She will warrant, and by the present charter obliges herself and her heirs to warrant this gift, in pure and perpetual alms, against all men and women.
Firm date
Friday 24 August 1302
Dating Notes
on Friday, being the feast of St. Bartholomew the Apostle in the year of grace 1302
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Source for Data Entry
Lindores Cartulary, no. 136
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Lind. Cart., no. 136
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Note: there is a partial translation of this document in Taylor and Markus, Place Names of Fife, iv, 197-8.

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Date Short Summary Holder Lord
Friday 24 Aug. 1302 Tenement of Collessie (FIF) Helen, lady of Collessie
Friday 24 Aug. 1302 Land and Marsh in Collessie (FIF) Lindores Abbey (fd1190)