People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/276/35 (C.A. Chrs., no. 82)

William Hay, lord of Aithmuir, for the soul of John, his father, and Petronilla, his mother, and for the salvation of his soul, and Isabella his spouse, and the souls of all his ancestors and successors, has given to Coupar Angus Abbey a site for two cruives on the shore or sand of the Tay, between the marches of his land of Aithmuir (PER) and the land of Powgavie (PER) on the one side, and the land of Randerston (PER) on the other, also free passage through his land of Aithmuir. Moreover, since the monks have granted him, as a brother of their chapter in life and in death, full participation in their masses, prayers and good works, he leaves his body to be buried in their chapter-house, no matter where on the north side of the Forth death overtakes him
Firm date
circa 1305
Dating Notes
see _Coupar Angus Charters_, pp. 180-81
Source for Data Entry
Coupar Angus Charters, no. 82
Trad. ID
C.A. Chrs., no. 82
Calendar number
Charter type
Original (contemporary)
Moray Charters, 32/IV/I/10. Seal missing.

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Date Short Summary Holder Lord
circa 1305 Land of Aithmuir (PER) William Hay (IV), lord of Borthwick (son of John)
circa 1305 Grange of Carse (PER) Coupar Angus Abbey (fd.1164)