People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 2/84/34 (ND, App., no. 583)

William prior of Durham addresses the priory of Coldingham and states that formerly the bishop of St Andrews came to him and to their churches, viz. Coldingham and Berwick (BWK), along with the chapels, as it is fitting for him to personally visit, and he came to know of various faults there through parishioners under oath, during which time he [also] discovered other problems, which problems marred the character of the prior's fellow monk, Lord William of Gretham, as in the letter [which] the lord bishop fully wrote to the priory, which letter prior asked Coldingham Priory for because the priory to did not pass on to him, and the prior of Durham did not hear the words [of the letter] at any time before the end the bishop’s visitation during [his] return from Berwick, and had it not been for the insistence of the prior's attorneys stridently writing to priory [this would not have come to pass]. The prior wants the priory to know what was ordained by the prior of Durham and the lord Bishop concerning the churches of Earlston, Oldcambus and Upsettlington (BWK), so he transmitted a copy of the letters to the priory by the present messenger. [They contain] a certain agreement between the lord Bishop and priory, that in lieu of procurations from the priory’s churches of Nenthorn and Newton (BWK), the priory granted to him the churches of Nenthorn and Newton for his sole use so that the bishop would swear that he received [and was compensated for] the money he was owed from the other three churches. The lord bishop asks the priory to present Nicholas son of William of Roxburgh to [the vicarage] of the church of Lamberton (BWK). And the prior asks the priory to fully excuse Lord William Gretham.
Firm date
1307 X 1313
Dating Notes
William of Gretham was prior c1304-1305 and 1311-1321; letter issued ‘in a time of truce’, which gives date, but may be x c1311).
Source for Data Entry
North Durham, Appendix, no. 583
Trad. ID
ND, App., no. 583
Calendar number
Charter type
Original (contemporary)
DCD, M.C., no. 957.

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Date Short Summary Holder Lord
1307 X 1313 Churches of Berwick and Coldingham (BWK) William of Tanfield, prior of Durham; Coldingham Priory (fd.1139)