People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 1/13/1 (Furness C.B., ii, pt. III, no. 1)

Olaf, king of the Isles; has committed and granted to Furness Abbey dignity of episcopal election of bishops of the Isles, and observance of law of Christianity, saving reverence due to apostolic see; has also provided a portion of land for construction of an abbey
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Dating Notes
This document is contemporaneous with the foundation of Rushen Abbey, which happened in 1134 (see _Chronicle of Man_, s.a. 1134). See also Watt, _IR_ 45 (1994), 115.
Place date (modern)
'Hou Ingren'
Place date (document)
Hou Ingren
Source for Data Entry
Furness C.B., ii, Part III, no. 1
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Furness C.B., ii, pt. III, no. 1
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