People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 6/2/205 (IP, 122)

Richard Bryce of Stirling, burgess and alderman of the same burgh, Lawrence of Dunblane, William the servant (sergeand?), Reginald Melville, Richard Prestre, Robert Taylor, Maurice Rous, Gilbert Tacket, Adam the son of Richard, Ralph the wright, William the lardner, and John Drylaw, burgesses, and the whole of the community of the aforesaid burgh, having come into the allegiance and obedience of their lord, the lord Edward, king of England etc., promise for themselves and their heirs, upon pain of body and possessions, that they will serve him well and loyally against all men, etc.; they have sworn this on the holy gospels; each of them has performed fealty to their lord, the king of England.
Firm date
28 August 1296
Dating Notes
28 August, 24 Edward I
Place date (modern)
Place date (document)
Berewyk sur Twede
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Source for Data Entry
TNA, E 39/99/6; Palgrave, Docs, no. 50; CDS, ii, no. 813; Instrumenta Publica, p. 122 (Ragman Roll).
Trad. ID
IP, 122
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Charter type
Letters Patent (Fealty)
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Original (contemporary)
TNA, E 39/9/6

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