People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/42/7 (NRS, GD 82/6)

Hugh of Abernethy has granted and by this his present charter established that donation which Lord John of Denmuir made to Adam son of Christina of Lumbennie his niece for his homage and service concerning the land of Nether Lumbennie (FIF) in feuferme, as contained in John’s charter, saving to Hugh and his heirs the suit of court which Lord Henry of Denmuir shall make at Hugh’s court at Abernethy.
Firm date
1249 X 1273
Dating Notes
John of Denmuir’s charter; witnesses generally × death of Thomas, abbot of Lindores. Thomas was succeeded by his prior, John, who died the following year.
Source for Data Entry
NRS, GD 82/6 [1382 notarial transumpt]
Trad. ID
NRS, GD 82/6
Calendar number
Charter type
NRS, GD 82/6 [1382 notarial transumpt] PNF, iv, 635-6; 346-7.

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