People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 4/26/25 (CDS, ii, no. 1899)

Indenture between Sir Humphrey de Bohun, earl of Hereford and Essex, lord of Annandale, on one part, and Sir Bartholomew Denefeud on the other, whereby the latter agrees to serve the earl all his life, in peace and in war, on this side and beyond seas, and in the Holy Land if the earl goes there; receiving robes and saddles as his other bachelors, with stated terms; for which service legally done the earl has given to Sir Bartholomew in full payment of 40 marks land in Annandale for his life, that is, Hotton and Lockerbie, and if they fall short, he will make up the amount elsewhere in Annandale. Other terms specified. They append their seals.
Firm date
Wednesday 15 February 1307
Dating Notes
Wednesday after St Valentine’s Day, in the king’s 35 year.
Place date (modern)
Related Place
Source for Data Entry
CDS, ii, no. 1899
Trad. ID
CDS, ii, no. 1899
Calendar number
Charter type
Entered from an English summary
Original (contemporary)
TNA, DL 25/92

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Date Short Summary Primary Witnesses
Wednesday 15 Feb. 1307 Agreement between Humphrey de Bohun and Bartholomew Denefeud yes
Wednesday 15 Feb. 1307 * Obligation to serve earl of Hereford wherever he shall go yes
Wednesday 15 Feb. 1307 * Gift (agreement) of 40 marks of land in Annandale for life, that is, Hutton and Lockerbie yes