People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 2/10/310 (CDS, ii, no. 1818)

Notarial instrument attesting that on 9 August 1306, William, bishop of St Andrews acknowledged the verity of the following documents exhibited to him by Sirs John of Sandale, Robert of Cottingham, and John de Wincop (Winchester?) … 1) his oath of fealty to the king of England, dated at Stirling, 4 May 1304, under his seal in red wax [recited at length]; 2) his confederacy with Robert Bruce, earl of Carrick, at Cambuskenneth on St Barnabas’ Day the same year, under seal [also recited]; 3) being also interrogated why he concealed the said confederacy with Robert Bruce on the say when he was admitted of the king’s council at Schene near Kingston, in violation of his oath? He replied, that he had entirely forgotten that league, and therefore did not mention it; 4) being asked by Sir John of Sandale why he, a trusted councillor of the king of England, he hastened to cross the Forth to Robert Bruce when he was crowned? He replied that he went to see him on account of grievous threats against his person and substance, and for no other reason; and now he was heartily sorry, for he saw he had lost all; 5) being asked by Sir Robert of Cottingham why he, so trusted by the king as to have charge of the person of Andrew, son and heir of Sir James the Steward of Scotland, delivered him to Robert Bruce after the king had commanded his return? Denied this; 6) He admitted that he had communicated the Mass to Robert Bruce after Sir John Comyn’s murder, because he, being in pontificals on Palm Sunday, the third day after his coronation, had done fealty for his temporalities and sworn allegiance on the evangels. Done at Newcastle-on-Tyne in the bishop’s chamber there, before Sir John de Sheffield and others, and Master John de Heselartone, clerk, public imperial notary. Attested by Andrew de Tang, clerk of York, public notary.
Firm date
9 August 1306
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CDS, ii, no. 1818
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CDS, ii, no. 1818
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Public Instrument
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Date Short Summary Holder Lord
9 Aug. 1306 Wardship of Andrew, son of James Steward of Scotland William of Lamberton, bishop of St Andrews (d.1328)