People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/141/13 (CDS, ii, no. 1737)

To the king, Reginald le Cheyne, his bachelor, who was thrice burned and destroyed, and thrice imprisoned for his faith to his liege lord the king of England. King Alexander granted him from his chamber when he was knighted £20 yearly fee, till provided in land to that amount, which he received all that king’s life, and since during the king’s time who is now, while the realm was in his keeping. Afterwards, King John gave him by charter instead of the fee, a small land called Drim in the county of Elgin, only worth £10 yearly, from which he has been ejected by John of Weston and James de Dalilegh, the king’s clerks. Therefore he begs the king either to restore him his land or his fee from King Alexander. Also some allowance for his losses and sufferings in his loyal adherence to his party.
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CDS, ii, no. 1737
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CDS, ii, no. 1737
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Date Short Summary Primary Witnesses
undated Petition to restore land or fee previously received yes
unavailable Gift of £20 yearly no
unavailable Gift of Drim in County Elgin (MOR) no