People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/547/89 (NRS, RH 1/2/82)

James, Steward of Scotland, gave, granted and by this his present charter established to William called ‘of the Shaw’ for his homage and service, all the land of Highlees, of Wardlaw, and of ‘Drumchabir’ in the holding of Dundonald (in lordship of Kyle Stewart, AYR), by stated bounds. He also gave and granted and by this his present charter established to the same William all the land of ‘Porterlandis’ (Porterstone, Dundonald parish, AYR?) in the said holding of Dundonald, namely, ‘Drumcur’, ‘Galluhill’, ‘Isabelandis’, ‘le Portercroft’ and the other pieces of land belonging to ‘Porterlandis’, having and holding in feu and heritage, with common pasture and common easements of Dundonald, making forinsec service to the steward and his heirs as pertains to a half ploughgate of land, and suit at his court of Prestick (AYR) at the three capital pleas; rendering annually two gilt spurs or 6d. at Christmas. And William and his heirs will be quit of multure at the mills of Dundonald and Renfrew.
Firm date
X 16 July 1309
Dating Notes
× death of James Stewart
Source for Data Entry
NRS, RH 1/2/82 [transcript]
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NRS, RH 1/2/82
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