People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 4/26/26 (NRS, RH 1/2/80)

This is an agreement between Adam Blunt on one side and William de Muhaut of Blair on the other, whereby Adam resigned and quitclaimed to William in perpetuity all right and claim which he had or might have had in all the lands and holdings belonging to Margaret de Muhaut, his wife, mother of the aforesaid William, as the heir of Lord Alexander of Blair, namely that right which he may have had due to Adam’s celebrated marriage to Margaret; and he has also resigned and quitclaimed in perpetuity to William all right which he had or may have had in Margaret’s terce, that is, all lands and holdings which were Lord Michael de Muhaut’s, her first husband, of the land of ‘Kere’ in Strathearn (PER), which the aforesaid William gave and granted to the aforesaid Adam for his lifetime, and which will revert to William after Adam’s death. In order to hold faithfully to this agreement, Adam obligates himself, by means of all his mobile and immobile goods, on a penalty of 40 pounds in subsidy for the Holy Land, 40 pounds to the fabric of the church of St Andrews and 40 pounds to the fabric of the church of Brechin, under the jurisdiction of the lords archdeacons of St Andrews and Brechin or their officials. The seals of the two archdeacons and of Lord Odo of Kinninmonth were attached to William’s side; and William’s seal is attached to Adam’s side.
Firm date
29 September 1308
Dating Notes
AD 1308, at the feast of St Michael the Archangel
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Source for Data Entry
NRS, RH 1/2/80 [antiquarian copy on paper]
Trad. ID
NRS, RH 1/2/80
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Original (contemporary)
NRS, GD 204/722 Calendared: HMC, Appendix to Fourth Report, ‘Countess of Rothes’, 494, no. 11

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Date Short Summary Primary Witnesses
29 Sept. 1308 Agreement between Adam Blunt and William Mowat of Blair yes
29 Sept. 1308 * Resignation and quitclaim (agreement) of rights and claims belonging to Margaret Mowat yes
29 Sept. 1308 * Gift (agreement) of land of Keir in Strathearn (PER) yes

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Date Short Summary Holder Lord
29 Sept. 1308 Lands belonging to Margaret Mowat Margaret of Blair
29 Sept. 1308 Land of Kere in Strathearn (PER) Michael Mowat, knight (fl.1296)