People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 5/0/0 (Stevenson, Docs., ii, no. 527)

His bachelor John of Kingston writes to Walter, lord bishop of Chester, making known that he has received a letter from their lord king in which he is commanded to request the bishop to deliberate respecting the request which Sir Roger de Lesse and Sir Thomas de Bannebury have made to the king for robes for themselves, their esquires and pages; and as to request which the crossbowmen, who were in the garrison at Bourg and Blaye, and who are now in John’s company, have made to the king for their shoes and robes. He reports that the earl of Buchan, the bishop of St Andrews and other earls and great lords have come to the other side of the Scottish sea and were at Glasgow on the day this letter was made. They intend to go towards the borders. As Sir Simon Fraser comes to the bishop in such haste, John informs the bishop that he has no need to be in such a hurry for there was not such a great power of people who came into his jurisdiction but what they might have been stopped by the garrisons if Sir Simon had given them warning. It was reported that there was a treaty between them and Sir Simon and that they had a conference together and were on the best of terms; therefore the bishop is warned to be cautious as to the advice which he shall give him. The same Simon sent John a letter and wished that John should come to him; and sent him other letters before he came thither to him, on the day on which their enemies came suddenly before the castle [of Edinburgh] and on which Sir Thomas d’Arderne was taken; wherefore Simon is not of such good faith as he ought to be. He urges the bishop and king’s council to beware. They of the forest have surrendered themselves to the Scots, and intelligence has come to him that the lady of Penicuik has received her son, who is against the peace, and that other ill-doers were there harboured and received. John therefore caused all the beasts of the town to be sought for and brought to the castle, and part of them he delivered to the poor people. He also asks the bishop to deliberate concerning Stirling castle that it be victualled.
Firm date
9 August 1299
Dating Notes
9th day of August; incorrectly dated in Stevenson, 1298.
Place date (modern)
Edinburgh Castle
Place date (document)
Chastel a Pucelles
Related Place
Edinburgh Castle
Source for Data Entry
Stevenson, Documents, ii, no. 527
Trad. ID
Stevenson, Docs., ii, no. 527
Calendar number
Charter type
Letter (correspondence)
Original (contemporary)
BL, Cotton Charters xxiv, no. 18; CDS, v, no. 201

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