People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 5/0/0 (Stevenson, Docs., ii, no. 445)

Memorandum that in 1297, that is, when Lachlan MacRuairi performed hom[age?] … the said L. returning to the islands, he usurped from him the demesne lands of the lord king … [Ruairi? ] of booty, he laid waste to it entirely. Certain men of the islands sent messengers to Alexander of the Isles […and aid,… ] business, and the said Alexander having sent the army as security, was received by the said Ruairi and by the men the said L[achlan] […] agreed that they would remain by the wish and command of the king. Afterwards the said Lachlan, together with […] without retaining any permission they had invaded a second time the said islands of the king, and in the same islands […] they had violently committed burnings and plunderings, and … certain of them plundered helmets and goods from the men of the said Alexander. The islanders a second time arranged messengers to [send to] Alexander, petitioning that the said Sir Alexander personally, with his army before Palm Sunday came towards the islands […] and to the said Lachlan, thus he was besieged and was not able to resist, by the king’s wish, he received permission that he might give his son to the king as security, and that he might hand over his castle by the king’s wish. The said Ruairi, his [Lachlan’s] brother with Lachlan’s force invaded the lands of Alexander’s men, killing around thirty of them. Lachlan delivered his son, Alexander, as hostage. The said Alexander sent ahead by his brothers with the army towards Lachlan, and to the lands seised in the king’s hand, personally with the army […], the said Alexander where the said L. shall be received, except in the lands of Sir Alexander of Argyll, whose daughter has [?...] or in the lands of Sir John Comyn of Lochaber, because the men of the land had sworn to L. and Duncan, son of Sir Alexander of Argyll, against the king’s peace. Here Alexander continues recounting his expedition. He had heard that the steward of Scotland had risen up against the king and Alexander had seised a certain castle and barony, called Glasrog, which the steward held, and detained it in the king’s hand. Alexander of the Isles prays to Sir John of Banstead that he might make clear to the king these things and that the king might send to him his wish, and that John might answer to the king for the expenses of the said Alexander in this same expedition and that he received nothing from the £50 which the king granted him.
Firm date
June 1297
Probable date
June 1297?
Source for Data Entry
Stevenson, Documents, ii, no. 445
Trad. ID
Stevenson, Docs., ii, no. 445
Calendar number
Charter type
Original (contemporary)
CDS, ii, no. 903; Rot. Scot., 40-41; Very damaged and mutilated.

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Date Short Summary Primary Witnesses
unavailable Homage performed by Lachlan (Roland) MacRuairi no
Jun. 1297 Statement by Alexander of the Isles in which he vindicates his conduct yes

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Date Short Summary Holder Lord
Jun. 1297 Land of Alexander of Argyll Alexander of Argyll
Jun. 1297 Lochaber John Comyn, lord of Badenoch (d.1302)
Jun. 1297 Castle and barony of Glasrog James Stewart (d.1309)
Jun. 1297 Castle and barony of Glasrog James Stewart (d.1309)