People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/60/2 A (Buccleuch, ii, no. 370)

Robert Avenel and Gervase his heir have quitclaimed in perpetuity those four marks which the monks of Melrose used to pay them every year for the land of Eskdale (DMF), to make four pittances for the convent. Know also that the abbot and all the convent have faithfully granted Robert and Gervase his heir that these four pittances will be distributed on the following four days: the day on which Sir Robert relinquished the secular life and entered the monastery, the day of Sir Robert’s death, the sixth day from Christmas Day, in commemoration of the soul of Lady Sybilla, Sir Robert’s wife, and the day of Gervase’s death. And know that on these days in the chapterhouse, commemoration and absolution of their souls will be performed in perpetuity.
Firm date
5 May 1180 X 8 March 1185
Probable date
almost certainly 1185
Dating Notes
Death of Abbot John of Kelso and succession of Abbot Osbert × death of Robert Avenel; probable late date suggested by title of Earl David and reference to Robert Avenel giving up the secular life.
Source for Data Entry
Fraser, Buccleuch, ii, no. 370 (with facsimile)
Trad. ID
Buccleuch, ii, no. 370
Calendar number
3/60/2 /A
Charter type
Original (contemporary)
NRS, GD 55/??; Barrow, RRS, ii, 296; Watt, Graduates, 428-9. Apparently overlooked in the published edition of the Melrose charters.

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