People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 4/38/26 (CDS, ii, no. 857)

Inquisition [under two writs, the first, dated Benteley, 26 Oct 1296, commanding earl of Surrey to take the lands of Robert of Pinkeny, deceased, in the K’s hand, and make inquiry as to his heir; the second, from the earl as custos of Scotland, dated Jedburgh, 23 Nov. following, to the escheator south of Forth to hold the inquisition], by John de ‘Addockistone’, Walter of Congalton, John Scott, William son of Geoffrey, Thomas of Buchan, Hugh of Newton, Hugh Giffard, Gilbert of Drem, Walter Bullock, Christine Carvan, John Purde, Adam of Congalton, jurors, who find that the late Robert de Pinkeny held the tenement of Ballencrieff (ELO) and the chief messuage, with garden and pigeon house in the enclosure, is worth 34s. 4d. He had in demesne, 10 ploughgates and 54 arable acres, each worth with its meadow and grazing, 21d. total £95 14s. 2d. Two mills, worth £8, from which the hospital of St Cuthbert (Ballencrieff Hospital) received 20s. yearly in alms from Robert, as the foundation of his ancestors. The hospital has 9 oxgangs and 9 acres by their and his own gift. Fixed rents of cottars, 112s. 6d.; of breweries, 29s. 4d., whereof Alice de Graham receives 13s. 4d. for life as terce from Roger Lelman, her late husband. Henry de Pinkeny, his brother, held 6 oxgangs of Robert, worth £4, by payment of 1d. as in his charter. John of Bickerton held the castle of Luffness (ELO) and three ploughgates and demesnes of the castle, worth £26 13s. 4d. of the tenement of Ballencrieff in capite of Robert; and 20 marks of the land of Binny (WLO) in the county of Linlithgow, paying yearly to Robert 6d. Alexander Lindsay held a ploughgate of Robert in two parts of ‘le Cotis’ in the tenement of Ballencrieff, worth £4, paying 1d. as in his charter. Thomas Colville held the land of Gosford (ELO) by the estimate of the jurors, 3 ploughgates, worth £10, paying Robert nothing except foreign service for the 4th part of a knight in the king’s army. Robert held all the aforesaid lands of the king in capite, doing for Ballencrieff the foreign service of a knight. For the land of Binny he did ¾ of a knight’s service. Total issues of the lands £112 10s., whereof the hospital receives 20s. and Alice de Graham 13s. 4d. as above. Henry de Pinkeny, knight, Robert’s brother, is next heir and 30 years of age and more. They append their seals.
Firm date
November 1296
Dating Notes
end of November, 1296
Source for Data Entry
CDS, ii, no. 857
Trad. ID
CDS, ii, no. 857
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Entered from an English summary
Original (contemporary)

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Date Short Summary Primary Witnesses
unavailable Foundation of Ballencrieff Hospital (ELO) no
unavailable Gift of land to Ballencrieff Hospital no
unavailable Command to inquire into lands of Robert de Pinkeny no
Nov. 1296 Inquest into lands of Robert Pinkeny yes
unavailable Command to inquire into lands of Robert de Pinkeny no