People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/486/2 A (NRS, GD 241/254/6)

Robert de Quincy to his men and his friends, notifying them that he has given, granted and established by this his charter to Pain of ‘Hedleia’ (Hedley?), Adniston (ELO) and ‘Ulkeleston’ (now Penston, ELO) by their right bounds, for his homage for seven librates of land, and he will cause Pain to have three (additional) librates, in the first increase which God will give him out of 20 librates of land. To be held freely, with common pasture of Tranent, as was in the time of King David, for the service of one knight.
Firm date
circa 1170
Dating Notes
Note that David, earl of Huntingdon, is called 'David, brother of the king of Scots', suggesting this was before he was given the title of earl.
Source for Data Entry
NRS, GD 212/254/6
Trad. ID
NRS, GD 241/254/6
Calendar number
3/486/2 /A
Charter type
Original (contemporary)
NRS, GD 212/254/6. Some damage. See Barrow, Kingdom of the Scots, 282, and Anglo-Norman Era, 23.

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