People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 5/3/0 (CDS, v, no. 346)

Letter from Roderick [...] to [...]; The clerk who brought a letter to his lord [...] sent credentials to the earl of Ulster. Aymer de Valence was at Dunfermline with the addressee [... they would go?] to Kinclevyn to hear what [John Comyn?] wishes to say, and if he wishes to treat. Comyn’s clerk will return on Sunday ... Comyn will come to Kinclevyn. The earl and Sir Hugh [Despenser] will go to ... and take at least 200 men at arms with them. The earls of Strathearn and Menteith have sent letters to his lord, telling that John Comyn and his company are in their lands beyond the mountains, where none of the writer’s party who came on horseback could approach them. The clerk who came from Comyn said that Comyn [did not] cross the Tay after Martinmas but that some of his people are well across it. A letter came to the writer’s lord from the abbot of Coupar last Friday evening, reporting that a great part of the enemy who had gone towards Strathearn have now returned to Angus, and that they would willingly break down more of the bridge if they could, but the writer’s party is not concerned about this, for 30 men could defend it against all the Scots. His lord is taking counsel to repair it, but the river is so overflowing that it is impossible to place the supports on which the bridge will be laid. When the water abates there will be good news of this for most of the timber is prepared.
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11 January 1304
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CDS, v, no. 346
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CDS, v, no. 346
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English Royal Administration
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TNA, SC1/30/190

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Date Short Summary Primary Witnesses
11 Jan. 1304 ERA yes