People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 5/1/0 (CDS, v, no. 367)

Draft of four privy seals writs of King Edward I. 1 – to the treasurer [Walter Langton] or his lieutenant and the barons of the exchequer. Since Ralph de Monthermer, earl of Gloucester and Hereford, and Joan his wife, are bound to render an account at exchequer for a ferme due to the king, and the earl is with the king in Scotland, the king orders them to put this demand in respite until the earl’s return to England. 2 – To the executors of Gilbert de Clare, late earl of Gloucester and Hereford. They agreed with Ralph de Monthermer, earl of Gloucester and Hereford, and Joan, his wife, on a day one month after Michaelmas last when the earl would account with them for goods which belonged to Gilbert, but postponed this day until Easter last, at the king’s request, for which he thanks them. The earl is still on the king’s service in Scotland and cannot be spared at present. Requests that the account be again postponed and put in respite until the earl’s return to England. 3 – Similar writ to Robert of Winchelsea, archbishop of Canterbury, before whom this account was to have been made, asking him again to respite execution touching the demand of this account, until the earl’s return. 4 – To William of Greenfield, chancellor, the king understands that Ralph and his wife are impleaded before the exchequer at York at the suit of the prior of Goldcliff. Orders him to summon others of the council and ensure that they are no more aggrieved or impleaded in due manner.
Firm date
16 April 1304
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CDS, v, no. 367
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CDS, v, no. 367
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English Royal Administration
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TNA SC1/12/173

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Date Short Summary Primary Witnesses
16 Apr. 1304 ERA yes