People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 5/3/0 (A-S Relations, no. 34)

Anonymous addressor gives news that the earl of Carrick holds the castles of Dumfries and Ayr and the castle of Dalswinton, which belonged to John Comyn, and the castle of Tibbers which belonged to Richard Siward, and he holds this Richard and William Balliol in prison as he did before. He has had his castle of Loch Doon in Carrick and the castle of [Dunaverty ?] in [Kintyre ?] victualled for a long period. This castle of [Dunaverty?] belongs to the king and to his crown, but the king, as a result of treacherous advice, granted it without an inquest to Malcolm Coyllan, and this Malcolm has exchanged it with the earl for another. The earl of Carrick has made war in Galloway. The earl of Carrick has been at Glasgow and Rutherglen and has received the fealty of the people where he has come. The wicked bishop remains at Glasgow as his chief adviser. Robert Boyd, coroner of Clydesdale, has seized the castle of Rothesay by sea giving those within [?] to understand [that he was entering] to victual the castle on behalf of Adam Gordon. This Robert Boyd with all the [power?] of Cunningham has besieged the castle of Inverkip and Adam Gordon [is there?] ... until help comes to him from the king. John Mowbray is in Liddesdale with Ingram de Umfraville, and they have gathered their power, and will ride as soon as they have news. The earl of Buchan and the earl of Atholl have agreed and sworn together to remain ... when they can, together with Alexander of Abernethy and David and their force, to ride very soon, as well as them. John Mowbray, and all the forces on this side of the sea, will assemble where they consider that it is best to do so. Earl Patrick is assigned as warden of the counties of Roxburgh and Selkirk. Walter of Burghdon has undertaken the keeping of the peel of Selkirk and of the forest ... and Simon Fraser is with us at Berwick with Robert fitz Roger, and they will stay here, with 100 foot soldiers of Northumberland who will arrive at Berwick on ... The king’s castles of B[erwick?], Jedburgh, Bothwell, Kirkintilloch, Edinburgh, Linlithgow, and Stirling are victualled with stores but they will have no keepers until word comes from the king. The writer continues with news. However the addressee it given to understand of the earl of Carrick, [he nevertheless?] is attempting to seize the realm of Scotland and to be [king?]. On the day that this letter was written, John of Menteith informed me that the earl of Carrick had crossed the sea with 60 men at arms. The Saturday [before] this letter was written the earl of Carrick came to Glasgow and the bishop gave him absolution fully for his sins, made him swear that he would abide under the direction of the clergy of Scotland and freed him [that he might go?] secure his heritage. They had a meal together and the earl left in the direction of Menteith to cross the River Forth, and when he came to Dumbarton he ordered Alexander Lindsay and Walter Logan to demand the surrender of the castle, and that John of Menteith should [go?] out under truce to talk with them. He would not agree, but allowed them [to come?] under truce so close to the caste that he could her from inside what those outside wanted to say. They demanded the surrender of the castle and John replied that he held it by commission [of the king?] and he would not render it except to the king.
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March 1306
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A-S Relations, no. 34; see also CDS, v, no. 415
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A-S Relations, no. 34
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English Royal Administration
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Mar. 1306 ERA yes