People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 5/3/0 (CDS, v, no. 575b)

Prests to John de Weston including the following. By hands of Sir William de Feling, constable of Roxburgh for arrears of wages and for restoration of horses lost in the garrison, years 4 and 5, £541 19s. 6d. Prest to Eustace de Cotesbach, lately chamberlain of Scotland, by hands of Sir Henry Beaufitz for arrears of his fee as sheriff of Lothian, wages of his esquires and restoration of horses, by bill of chamberlain delivered to wardrobe on 7 May 1312, £97. Prests to John de Weston including sums for restoration of a horse of John Denmuir, squire of Alexander de Abernethy, lost in Alexander’s company when he was keeper of the mountains and the Forth in year 5, and for arrears of wages to William of Roxburgh, William, Richard and Adam of Clackmannan, Peter of Edinburgh and unnamed archers of Roxburgh. Prests to same as a prest on his office, in the price of victuals delivered to him by Ralph of Benton, keeper of victuals at Berwick, for wages of men in Scottish garrisons in the present year, by two receipts delivered to the wardrobe on 10 Dec. 1315, £1797 16s. 4 ½ d.
Firm date
1310 X 1312
Source for Data Entry
CDS, v, no. 575b
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CDS, v, no. 575b
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English Royal Administration
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TNA E101/373/26

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Date Short Summary Primary Witnesses
1310 X 1312 ERA yes
1310 X 1312 ERA yes
1310 X 1312 ERA yes