People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 5/3/0 (CDS, v, no. 512c)

Prest to Sir Robert Mauley, for victuals and repair of houses in his castle. Prest to Robert Clifford in garrison of Lanark. Prest to John de Seagrave in garrison of Lanark. Prests to Sandale for money taken to the sheriff of Ayr to pay sailors there, 15 Feb., and from the papal tenth in Scotland. To Robert Clifford for wages of masons sent from sheriff of Nottingham and Derby to Kirkandrews and then to Clifford. Prest in money paid by the Frescobaldi to Sandale To the same Aymer de Valence?, going to Galloway to make a foray against the earl of Carrick, for wages and expenses. Prest to Geoffrey of Ross and Bernard of Keith, clerks, by their own hands, in money paid by James de Dalilegh by order of Aymer de Valence. Prest to Sir David of Brechin, by hands of James de Dalilegh, by order of bishop of Lichfield and Aymer de Valence. List of prests from Dalilegh’s stores to earls and others at Carlisle, Dumfries, etc., in year 35 EdwI or 1 EdwII. Among those named are Alexander de Balliol, David ‘Dasceles’, John of Menteith, Henry Sinclair, Robert Keith, knights, John de Vaux, Maurice of Strathearn, David of Brechin, Alexander of Abernethy, Bernard of Keith, Patrick, earl of Dunbar received wheat and wine at Ayr.
Firm date
1306 X 1307
Source for Data Entry
CDS, v, no. 512c
Trad. ID
CDS, v, no. 512c
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Charter type
English Royal Administration
Entered from an English summary
TNA E101/369/16

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Date Short Summary Primary Witnesses
1306 X 1307 ERA yes
1306 X 1307 ERA yes