People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 4/37/7 (Stevenson, Docs., ii, no. 582a)

View/inspection and court of Linlithgow held on Monday, the 8th day of October, in front of Master James de St George, lieutenant of Lord William of Felton, warden of the villa of Linlithgow, in the 30th regnal year of King Edward [I]. (1302) Essoin. Thomas of Harley plaintiff against John the baker of Linlithgow in a plea of trespass by John Pot, [made] affidavit. Offering. Osbert of Mildenhall , plaintiff, offered himself against John Stute, mainprised by Nicholas son of Stephen to have body for body at the next court. Amercement, conducted by the warden. And the same John did not come; therefore, the aforesaid Nicholas in mercy, because he did not have the aforesaid John whom he mainprised, etc., and is nevertheless to be distrained to have his body at the next court. By request of the parties a day is given to Henry of Chester, plaintiff, and Gilchrist of Tartraven, defendant, in a plea of trespass from the 8th day of October for 15 days. Adam of Glen, plaintiff, offered himself against John of Mar in a plea of trespass. And whence it was plainted that when on Monday the 10th of September he should have caused to be attached and arrested the goods those men of ‘Levenoths’ to the value of one half mark in the hand of the aforesaid John and in his house. The same John maliciously caused to deliver the aforesaid goods to the loss of the aforesaid Adam’s half mark. And the said John came and defended the force, etc., and well conceded those goods in his house were arrested; although he said that those goods were delivered against his will by Archibald of Livingston, and thus he calls the aforesaid Archibald to warrant. He may have him from the 8th day of October for 15 days. And then he became his own pledge. William son of Andrew and Gregory Schite , attached by the bailie because of the spilling of blood, have a day to the next court. Defaulted. William Battle, Richard of Slingsby (Yorks), Robert Crine , John of Mold, Patrick Tod, William of the Green, Lord William of Stirling, Richard son of Brice, William of the Forth, Diana the Lardner, Henry Frere (Brother), the daughter of Alan Serjaunt, Serlo Wishart, William Cissor (tailor), John Rat, William Batt, Henry Solor, John of Ashby, John Black, Walter ‘Renauh’ , John [of] Manton, William of Cornhall, Margaret Bennemore. Offering. Christina of Edinburgh [misericordia (in mercy) written over this name] is plainted by pledges. Masters Thomas of Houghton and Adam of Tyndale offered themselves against Adam of Glasham attached to the response by Robert the engineer to him that injustly detains from him one lead [weight?] to his loss, etc. And the said Adam came and said the aforesaid lead was his own, and that the said Christina is at law; pledges of law Master Thomas of Houghton and Adam of Tynedale.
Firm date
Monday 8 October 1302
Dating Notes
Monday, 8th of October, regnal year 30
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Source for Data Entry
Stevenson, Docs., ii, no. 582
Trad. ID
Stevenson, Docs., ii, no. 582a
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Original (contemporary)

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Date Short Summary Primary Witnesses
Monday 8 Oct. 1302 Description of Linlithgow burgh court proceedings (8 Oct. 1302) yes