People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 4/37/8 (Stevenson, Docs., ii, no. 582b)

Court of Linlithgow held on Monday, 22 Oct., above year. Loss of 10s.- Thomas of the Rock, plaintiff, offered himself against John the baker and claimed against him that the same John came into the market of Linlithgow on last Wednesday past, and the same caused to injure him, and the same beat and badly dragged him to the heavy loss to this same Thomas of 10s. and thus he led suit. Amercement of 8s.- And the said John came and did not defend the beating, etc. For that reason, the decision by the court is that the aforesaid Thomas will be paid his losses by the aforesaid John, and that the said John shall remain in mercy. Pledge: John Burrel. Amercement of 8s.- Christina of Edinburgh offered herself, performing her probation, towards Adam of Glasham, regarding her unjust detention of a lead, as is said before, etc. She came and performed sufficiently. Thus, it is the decision of the court that the said Christina shall recover her lead and the said Adam and his pledges [be] in mercy. Pledge: Richard of Torphichen. Christina of Edinburgh, plaintiff, in a plea of trespass offered herself against Adam of Glasham that the same Adam in the castle of Linlithgow on the first Thursday before the feast of St Luke the Evangelist in the 30th regnal year of the king (11 Oct.) caused injury to her and that the same beat and badly dragged her [text here uncertain], to the heavy loss to the same Christina of a half mark; and thus she leads suit. Law- And the aforesaid Adam came and defended the force, etc., and he denied the said trespass and all that is imposed on him, and thus it is at law. Pledges of law: Adam the diker and Nicholas of Derby. And it was held the day of the next court. Instruction attached- Nicholas son of Stephen is plainted by his own pledge of John Scott on the plea of trespass. And the bailie is instructed that the said John be attached to the next court. Conducted by the warden – Osbert of Mildenhall and John Scott were reconciled by permission, so that said Osbert remains in mercy. Amercement. Conducted by the warden – Ralph of Chester, plaintiff, in plea of trespass against Gillecrist of Tartreven, who are not coming; thus the same and their pledges are in mercy. Offering - Adam of Glen, plaintiff, offered himself, as previously, towards John of Mar, on the plea of unjust delivery of draught animals, and the same John produced Lord Archibald of Livingston the sheriff, and that the same Archibald came and warranted the aforesaid delivery, because at that time he was warden of the aforesaid villa (i.e., Linlithgow), and because the same Adam did not find a pledge to accompany him. Thus the same John and others may go quietly without a day. Amercement of 8s. – William son of Andrew and Gregory Chyte (i.e., Schite) have this day to respond over the spilling of blood, and they are not coming. Therefore both and their pledges are in mercy. Pledge [is] John Burrel, and instruction [is] to distrain the same John and to have [him] at the next court, because they have been mainprised by the same.
Firm date
Monday 22 October 1302
Dating Notes
Monday, 22nd of October, anno supradicto
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Source for Data Entry
Stevenson, Docs., ii, no. 582
Trad. ID
Stevenson, Docs., ii, no. 582b
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Original (contemporary)

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Date Short Summary Primary Witnesses
unavailable Description of Linlithgow burgh court proceedings (22 Oct. 1302) no

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Date Short Summary Title Holder
Monday 22 Oct. 1302 baker John, baker of Linlithgow
Monday 22 Oct. 1302 diker/ fosseour Adam, diker (fosseour)
Monday 22 Oct. 1302 Dominus (Seigneur - Lord - Sir) Archibald of Livingston, knight
Monday 22 Oct. 1302 sheriff Archibald of Livingston, knight
Monday 22 Oct. 1302 keeper of Linlithgow Archibald of Livingston, knight