People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 5/3/0 (CDS, iii, no. 188)

Fiats for allowances to Scottish prisoners in English castles. The sheriff of Wilts, for 65s. 8d. to Sir David Lindsay, knight, in Devizes castle, from the morrow of Michaelmas last, 1307, to 14th April following – 197 days. The sheriff of Dorset 69s. 3d. for William, formerly archdeacon of Teviotdale, in Sherburne castle, from 10 July 1307 till 14 April 1308 – 278 days at 3d.; also £3 1s. 2d. for taking William Giffard, Gilchrist of the Kitchen, and Adam Picard from Launceston castle to Corfe castle, 2 horse and 3 footmen escorting them, and 3 pair of fetters and irons for them; also their allowance from 6 January till 14 April 1308, at Corfe. The sheriff of Cornwall 54s. 10d. paid them from the morrow of St Michael’s 1307 till 2 January following, when they were sent to Corfe Castle. The sheriff of Southampton, £6 12s. 3d. for Walter Oliphant in Winton castle, from 19 April 1305 till Michaelmas 1306; also 62s. to William, bishop of St Andrews in same castle, a valet, chaplain and groom serving him, and Robert, bishop of Glasgow, in Porchester castle, with his valet, chaplain and groom, from 25 August 1306 till Michaelmas following – 36 days; each bishop 6d., valet 3d., and chaplain and groom 1 ½ d. daily; and £36 8s. for these bishops, etc., from the morrow of Michaelmas till Michaelmas following – 364 days. Walter Oliphant in Winton castle for same period, £4 11s. The bishop of Glasgow and attendants as above, from the morrow of Michaelmas last till Michaelmas 1308, £10 8s. 4d. The bishop of St Andrews from the morrow of Michaelmas last till 1 June 1308, when he was freed from prison – 245 days, £12 5s. The sheriff of Wiltshire, 14s. for Robert Renfrew in the castle of Old Sarum, from the morrow of Michaelmas 1306 till 22 December following, when he died; 69s. 4d. for David Lindsay, knight, in Devizes castle, from 4 February 1307 till Michaelmas following – 238 days at 4d; £6 13s. for the abbot of Scone at Mere castle, his chaplain and groom, from the morrow of Michaelmas 1306 till 16th May following when he was sent to Nottingham, 229 days, the abbot at 4d. and his servants at 1 ½ d. each, 47s. 6d., the expenses for the abbot at 6d., 8 horsemen at 8d. each and 8footmen at 2d. a day, going to Nottingham from 16th to 20th May, delivering him to the constable, and4 days for the escort returning. The sheriff of Hereford, 101s.6d. for Andrew Wishart in Hereford castle from the morrow of Michaelmas 1307till 11 November 1308 when he died – 1 year and 42 days at 3d. The sheriff of Salop and Stafford, 101s. 9d. for Hugh Butler in Bruges castle, from 23 August 1304 till Michaelmas 1305 – 403 days at at 3d.; and 101s. 9d. for John Napier in Shrewsbury castle for same time, also £6 16s. 6d. for said Hugh in Shrewsbury castle, arrears to Easter day 1309 – 546 days. John Botetourte, farmer of St Briavels castle, £21 15s. 11d. for Thomas of Clennel and Henry Braidmouth, whom he received from the sheriff of Gloucester on 24 August 1304 till 7 July1307, the late king’s death, that is, Thomas at 3d. and Henry at 2d.; also to his successor £11 4d. paid them from 12 March 1308 till 16 December following when Thomas was freed from prison, and till 30 August 1310 to Henry. The sheriff of Northumberland, £4 13s. 6d. for Adam of Cunningham, William of Ireland and David de Glenns, in Newcastle, from the morrow of Easter, 27 March 1307, till Michaelmas following; £9 2s. for William of Ireland and David of the Glen, in Newcastle from Michaelmas 1308 to Michaelmas 1309 – 364 days at 2d. each. Isabella, widow of John de Vescy, farmer of Bamburgh castle, £4 2s. 8d. for Sir Adam Murray, knight, from 7 November 1308 till 12 July 1309, when he died – 248 days at 4d.; also £46 6s. 8d. for Nicholas Patonsone of Lennox, Fynny Soutre of Stirling, Thomas le Clerk of Elesman, and Walter de Larder of Inchkeith, in same castle, from morrow of St Michael 1307 till 7 December, 70 days at 2d. each, when they were discharged from prison. The sheriff of Gloucester, £4 4s. 4d. for Sir Hugh Lovel, knight, in Gloucester castle from 5 November 1307 till 16 July 1308 – 203 days at 3d. and £6 20d. for same from 30 September 1308 till 29 September 1309 – 365 days; and from the morrow of Michaelmas till Easter day, 19 April 1310 – 202 days, 67s. 4d. The sheriffs of London, £6 20d. paid by them to the constable of the Tower for William Oliphant from the morrow of Michaelmas 1306 till Michaelmas 1307 at 4d. For Henry de Cobeham, farmer of Rochester castle and city, £27 15s. paid to Robert of Ardrossan, received from the mayor and sheriffs of London on Tuesday next after the feast of St Bartholomew apostle, that is, 25th August 1304 at Rochester castle, till Michaelmas 1310, that is, 6 years 36 days at 3d. The sheriff of Somerset and Dorset, £14 14s. 8d. paid to Sir William Murray of Saunford, knight, and Fergus of Ardrossan, in Corfe castle from 8 July 1307 till Michaelmas 138, the knight at 4d. daily and his robe 20s; Fergus at 3d. and his robe 13s. 4d.; and £12 5s. 8d. for same from Michaelmas 1308 till Michaelmas 1309, for William Giffard, Gilchrist of the Kitchen and Adam Picard in said castle; also 69s. 6d. for William, formerly archdeacon of Teviotdale in Sherburne castle from 15 April 1308 till 18 January following when he was delivered to the constable of the Tower. For the sheriff of Devon, 44s. 8d. to Simon the armourer, in Exeter castle from the morrow of Michaelmas 1308 till Midsummer 1309 – 258 days at 2d. For the sheriff of York, £22 7s. 6d. paid to Geoffrey Edger and Nicholas of Dunsyre, in York castle from the morrow of Michaelmas 1307 till Monday next after the Feast of St Gregory, that is, 16th March 1309-10; 2 years 166 days at 3d. each. The sheriff of Norfolk and Suffolk, 62s. 3d. for Patrick of Polwarth in Norwich castle from 15 April 1308 till delivered from prison on 19 December following – 249 days at 3d.
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1307 X 1310
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CDS, iii, no. 188
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CDS, iii, no. 188
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English Royal Administration
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1307 X 1310 ERA (Prisoners) yes