People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 1/53/260 (RRS, v, no. 232)

Robert, king of Scots, makes a truce with Edward II, king of England. Because making of a peace will take time, the king's messengers met the English council and on 30 May at Bishopthorpe concluded a truce to last till 12 June 1336, to hold in the event of the death of either king. Occupied territory is to be evacuated by 12 June 1323. Difficulties are to be resolved by the Guardians of the truce, whom failing by the kings and their councils. No fortifications are to be made between Scotland and the Tyne from Tynemouth to the South Tyne, nor in Southtynedale nor Cumberland, nor in the sheriffdoms of Berwick, Roxburgh, and Dumfries, save for those existing or in the making. Intercommuning by subjects is forbidden by allowed by the Guardians. If an English (etc.) ship is driven to or stranded in Scotland, which does not fall to the king or other Scot by law of wreck, it and its cargo will be handed over to the proper English owners. In the case of a non-English ship with an English crew or cargo, driven, stranded or taken at sea, the crew and cargo will be handed over if the cargo does not fall to the king or other Scot by law of wreck. The same shall apply to merchants of any nation residing in England (etc.) who may stay until a suitable departure time. Foreign merchants from a neutral country may come to trade. Anyone with a grievance under the truce may go peacably to the Guardians to complain, and, in such trespass, common law as in peacetime shall apply. The law of the March shall apply as in peacetime. The king will not aid nor receive the enemies of the English king, will grant safeconduct to his messengers in transit and will receive messengers to himself who should obtain safeconduct from the Guardians, whom the king will appoint.
Firm date
7 June 1323
Dating Notes
7 June, AD 1323; regnal year 18
Place date (modern)
Place date (document)
Berewyk' sur Twede
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Source for Data Entry
RRS, v, no. 232
Trad. ID
RRS, v, no. 232
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Charter type
Letters patent
Referred to as letter patent
Roll copy: Patent Roll, 16 Edward II. TNA, C66/158. APS, i, 479, no. 7

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Date Short Summary Primary Witnesses
7 Jun. 1323 Truce between kings of Scotland and England from 12 June 1323 yes