People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371



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Full Name Floruit
John Graham, son of John Graham of Abercorn
John of Inchmartine (mid 14C)
John Graham, lord of Dalkeith
John Cameron, grandfather of John Cameron, lord of Baledgerno
Patrick Graham
Felicia, wife of John Maitland
Husbandmen of Thirlestane
Husbandmen of Cottyside
John, lord of Leys
William Wolf
Patrick (IV or V), earl of Dunbar/March
John of Dunbar, son of John, lord of Birkenside
Ralph, master of Soutra Hospital
William of Kinglass
Margaret, kinswoman of William Frere
William, smith, burgess of Perth
Thomas of Inverlochty
William of Dairsie
Thomas of Auchtermuchty
Hugh Brown
Richard, scoloc
Walter of Cupar
Brice, brother of Walter of Cupar
Alan the shrew
Roger, cook of Inverdovat
Matthew of Torr of Inverdovat
Robert, weaver of Inverdovat
John the Irishman of Friarton
Henry (father of Adam, husband of Donoca)
Resum (Rhys), son of Robert
Robert (father of Resum/ Rhys)
Tyock, wife of Andrew
Andrew (husband of Tyock)
Elias Palmer
Henry of Whitby
John of Bonbury
Amabel, wife of Adam Gordon III
Ancestors of Adam of Dowane
Brigtoc (mother of William)
Geoffrey, chaplain of Innerwick
John of Roxburgh, monk of Kelso
Unknown, subprior of Dryburgh
Unknown, sacrist of Dryburgh
Church of Peterculter
Unknown, vicar of Peterculter
William, abbot of Dryburgh (late 13C or early 14C)
William, archdeacon of Lothian (Frere or Eaglesham)
Adam de Festo
Four men of Tulielton at Tarves
John of Pollok, steward of Arbroath Abbey

Listing items 1 to 50, page 1 of 451