People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371



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Full Name Floruit
John Graham, son of John Graham of Abercorn
John of Inchmartine (mid 14C)
John Graham, lord of Dalkeith
John Cameron, grandfather of John Cameron, lord of Baledgerno
Patrick Graham
Hugh Sansmanche
Serviens of Crail
Thor (father of Alexander)
Alexander (father of William)
Robert, brother of Lambin
John, stepson of Baldwin
Baldwin (stepfather of John)
Lepers of Harlaw (ROX)
Gregory, clerk (father of Henry)
Colbán (villa of Covington)
W., constable, king's serviens
Knights of Alan Stewart, son of Walter
Urs (father of Robert)
Eadwulf, son of Gamel
Unknown, daughter of Herbert the chamberlain
Gamel (father of Eadwulf)
Waltheof (landholder in Beath)
Mack-holffe (Mac Uilf?)
Thancard (father of Thomas)
Malcolm of Lundie (Durward)
Andrew of Inchyra, son of Simon
Simon (father of James, Andrew, William)
Duncan, son of Donald
Donald (father of Duncan)
Truite (mother of Robert and Richard)
Theobald de Addeville
Gamel (landholder in Yester)
Serviens of bishops of Glasgow
Serviens of king
Men of prior of Coldingham
Jordan (father of Robert)
Unknown, prior of Durham (TRW)
Richard, steward of Kinghorn
Sibbald (father of Walter and Duncan)
Hexham Priory
Ralph Boswell (de Boseville)
William de Bellencombre
Godfrey, marischal (FIF)
Unknown, wife of Godfrey the marischal
Newcastle Nunnery
Arnold Kiglepeni
Richard Frere (13C)
David, priest (in Crail)
Ulkil of Pittenweem
Winemer (father of Walter)

Listing items 1 to 50, page 1 of 452