People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371



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Full Name Floruit
John Graham, son of John Graham of Abercorn
John of Inchmartine (mid 14C)
John Graham, lord of Dalkeith
John Cameron, grandfather of John Cameron, lord of Baledgerno
Patrick Graham
Patrick, son of Walter son of Patrick of Ryedale
Walter, son of Geoffrey the cook
Geoffrey, son of Henry of Newbattle
William, son of Mabel
William, nepos of Patrick of Ryedale
Henry (father of Geoffrey of Newbattle)
Mabel (mother of William)
William (father of William nepos of Walter son of Patrick of Ryedale)
John, father of Agnes of Elliston
Unknown (mother of Agnes of Elliston)
Andrew Chamois
Walter Chamois
Walter (father William) (ROX)
Amabel, wife of Thomas of Nisbet
Nicholas, lord of Plenderleith × 1265
Alan Mullynayt
Margaret, daughter of Peter of Hadden
Children of John Balliol (d.1268)
Unknown (mother of Thomas Randolph (d.1296))
Unknown, sergeant of the king
Joan, mother of James Stewart
Adam of Glasgow, burgess of Berwick
Unknown lords of Bondington
William Jocelin, burgess of Peebles
Mariota of the monks, wife of Nicholas the apothecary
Nicholas, apothecary (Berwick)
Alice of the monks
Eustace Broun, burgess of Berwick
Mary or Margery, wife of Nicholas Graham
Robert, son of Eadwulf (in Hassington)
Norman (in Hassington)
Eadwulf (father of Robert) (in Hassington)
Thomas (III) of Moulton of Egremont (d.1287)
Thomas (I) of Moulton (d.1240)
Gilbert, son of Gilbert of Dundraw
Hugh of Morrisby
Gilbert (father of Gilbert of Dundraw)
Church of Crawford
Burgesses of Crawford
Foresters of Newbattle Abbey
William (father of John, 1240s)
Alan of Craghope
Waleran, son of Ralph
Robert of Bearford
Thurstan, prior of Rievaulx

Listing items 1 to 50, page 1 of 452