People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371



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Full Name Floruit
John Graham, son of John Graham of Abercorn
John of Inchmartine (mid 14C)
John Graham, lord of Dalkeith
John Cameron, grandfather of John Cameron, lord of Baledgerno
Patrick Graham
John, priest (father of Richard)
Unknown, earl of Buchan (father of M.)
Thor (father of Swain)
Waltheof, son of Arnabol
Arnabol (father of Waldef)
Alan, son of Flaald (Stewart progenitor)
Roger, janitor (ROX)
Dúngal, lord of Nithsdale
Aelric, master, mason
William, nepos of Herbert, the chamberlain
Jocelin, cook (MLO)
Gilla Pátraic mac Cíaráin (?) (Kerin)
Geoffrey, sheriff of Edinburgh
Fergus mac Fir Téid (or Fir Tead)
Uhtred, sheriff of Linlithgow
Eilaf (father of Orm)
Robert, clerk (Saltoun)
Arkil (father of Alwine the rannaire)
Malcolm III, king of Scots (d.1093)
Gilbert de Clare (d.1117)
Gillies (father of M.)
William of Leuchars
Saewulf (father of Robert)
Guy (father of Robert)
William de St Germain, master, papal chaplain (fl.1226)
Roger, priest (TRD)
Ralph (father of William)
Waltheof (father of Alan and Cospatric)
Unknown, abbot of Kelso × 1309
Theobald of Norham
Richer (father of Gilbert and Adam)
John de Toledo, cardinal of S. Lorenzo in Lucina (d.1275)
Freskin (father of William)
Somerled, lord of Argyll (d.1164)
Syrand, the priest (12C)
Gerald (WLO/ROX)
Acwulf (Roxburgh)
Gilla Pátraic mac Torfinn
Thorfinn (father of Gillepatric)
Slúagadach (father of G.)
Kerin (father of Gilla Pátraic)
Ferteth (father of Fergus)
Robert, son of William

Listing items 1 to 50, page 1 of 452