People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371



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Full Name Floruit
Christian, judex (ABD, 14C)
Ralph of Cambo
Lachlan (father of Christian)
Thomas, saucier, clerk
William of Kirkcaldy, clerk
Robert Runewald, burgess of Arbroath
Adam, son of Martin
Laurence Cryne
David, dean of Angus and Mearns
Maurice, vicar of Arbroath
Alan fitz Brian
Roger, clerk (landholder in Aberdeen)
Alan (father of Rayner)
Maurice, son of Alan, burgess of Aberdeen
Geoffrey Scissors, burgess of Aberdeen
Alan (father of Maurice)
Peter of Strathearn
Adam Wayt
Thomas of Dalgarnock
Robert of Perth (14C)
Adam Gray
Roger (father of Nicholas)
Nicholas (father of John)
Vicars of bishop of Glasgow
Unknown, enemies of King Robert
Robert of the Holy Trinity of Pudentiana, cardinal priest
Ancestors of King Robert Bruce
William of Hornby, priest
John, rector of Morham
William, arblaster
Gilbert of Emildun
Waltheof of Morthyl
Ancestors of Patrick (IV) earl of Dunbar
William of Selby, son of Adam of Selby
Matilda, wife of Thomas of Selkirk
Amiflys Murray, wife of Thomas Murray of Berwick
John of the Booth, burgess of Berwick
Unknown, personae of Arbroath Abbey
Unknown, farmers of Dyke and Brodie
Andrew the Fat
Unknown, daughter of Walter of Barton
Henry, baker (Berwick)
Unknown, sister of Adam of Selby, wife of Godfrey of Cologne
Godfrey of Cologne
Burghs (general)
Richard Marmaduke
William of Deanham
Gilbert Gategange
John of Alanshiels
Heirs of sister of Adam of Selby

Listing items 51 to 100, page 2 of 452