People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371



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Calendar number Description Date
5/1/0 (CDS, ii, no. 1860) Writ for the sheriff of York for 16s. 3d., cost of taking William de Thorpe, ... 28 Nov. 1306
5/1/0 (CDS, v, no. 379) Writ from Edward I to John, earl of Atholl, warden of Scotland from Forth to ... Aug. 1304
5/1/0 (CDS, v, no. 132) Writ from Edward I, overlord of the kingdom of Scotland, to John, king of Scots. ... 17 Aug. 1294
5/1/0 (CDS, v, no. 407) Writ from King Edward I to John de Sandale, chamberlain of Scotland, orders him to ... 5 Apr. 1305
5/1/0 (CDS, v, no. 339) Writ from King Edward I to Master Bartholomew de Ferentino, canon of London, collector of ... 31 Nov. 1303
5/2/0 (CDS, v, no. 591) Writ from King Edward II to John de Weston, chamberlain of Scotland. The burgesses of ... 28 Sept. 1314
5/1/0 (CDS, v, no. 263) Writ from King Edward to the treasurer or his lieutenant and the barons and chamberlains ... 22 Oct. 1301
5/2/0 (CDS, iii, no. 180) Writ granting Adam Gordon 100 marks yearly at Exchequer till he recovers his lands in ... 13 Dec. 1310
1/27/0 (Stevenson, Docs., ii, no. 474) Writ of Edward I to Edward his son and his council, commanding them that whenever ... 5 Oct. 1297
5/1/0 (Stevenson, Docs., ii, no. 476) Writ of Edward I to Edward his son, his lieutenant in England: if Sir John ... 20 Oct. 1297
1/27/0 (Stevenson, Docs., ii, no. 471) Writ of Edward I to Edward his son, ordering him to cause the lands and ... 21 Sept. 1297
5/1/0 (CDS, ii, no. 901) Writ of allocate to John Botetourte, constable of St Briavels castle for sums allowed to ... 26 Jun. 1297
5/3/0 (Stevenson, Docs., ii, no. 530) Writ of allocate to Thomas de Warblington, sheriff of Southampton, concerning allowances for Scottish prisoners ... 30 Sept. 1298
5/3/0 (Stevenson, Docs., ii, no. 493) Writ of allocate to William de Mortimer de Frekenham, sheriff of Canterbury and Huntingdon, for ... 14 Dec. 1297
5/1/0 (CDS, ii, no. 1971) Writ of liberate to the two sons of the earl of Menteith, and son of ... 1307
1/50/26 A (Stevenson, Docs., i, 114) Writ of the Guardians commanding payment of fee to John Hay, knight. Apr. 1286 X 25 Nov. 1289
1/27/0 (CDS, ii, no. 853d) Writ to John earl of Surrey, guardian of Scotland, to take the lands of Robert ... 24 Oct. 1296
5/1/0 (Stevenson, Docs., ii, no. 647) Writ to John of Sandale, chamberlain of Scotland, to pay to J[ohn] bishop of Brechin ... 31 Mar. 1305
1/28/0 (CDS, iii, no. 59) Writ to chancellor of Scotland concerning lands of John Comyn, earl of Buchan and the ... 3 Dec. 1308
5/1/0 (CDS, ii, no. 911) Writ to late sheriff of Nottingham and Derby for allowance to unnamed Scottish prisoners. Similar ... 11 Jul. 1297 X 16 Jul. 1297
5/1/0 (CDS, ii, no. 875) Writ to sheriff of Bedford and Buckingham for allowances to John Glenurquhart, William de la ... 5 Mar. 1297
5/1/0 (CDS, ii, no. 873) Writ to sheriff of Oxford and Berkshire for sums allowed to named prisoners, Constantine of ... 12 Feb. 1297
5/1/0 (CDS, ii, no. 877) Writ to sheriff of Somerset and Dorset for allowances to William de Somerville and Hugh ... 28 Mar. 1297
5/1/0 (CDS, v, no. 1117) Writ to the burgesses of Aberdeen, farmers of that town, who are in arrears of ... 13 Dec. 1292
5/1/0 (CDS, ii, no. 1544a) Writ to the chancellor to restore English lands of Peter of Glenholm, a Scottish rebel ... 14 May 1304 X 12 Jun. 1304
5/1/0 (CDS, ii, no. 1544b) Writ to the chancellor to restore lands of Henry of Anstruther, for his lands in ... 19 Feb. 1303
5/1/0 (CDS, ii, no. 906) Writ to the constable of Bristol castle for money paid to Richard Siward, junior, and ... 2 Jul. 1297
5/1/0 (CDS, ii, no. 890) Writ to the sheriff of Kent for sums allowed to unnamed Scottish prisoners taken at ... 8 Jun. 1297
5/1/0 (CDS, ii, no. 985) Writ to the sheriff of Warwick to pay money to Malcolm of Drummond, knight, Niall ... 28 May 1298
1/27/0 (CDS, ii, no. 853e) Writ to the sheriffs of Berwick and six other counties to hold inquisitions on the ... 20 Aug. 1296
5/1/0 (CDS, ii, no. 939) Writ under the Great Seal to the Barons commanding that if John earl of Atholl ... 17 Aug. 1297
5/3/0 (CDS, ii, no. 1412) Writer reports result of inquiry into diligence shown by sheriff of Linlithgow and Edinburgh in ... 18 Nov. 1303
5/3/0 (Stevenson, Docs., ii, no. 652) Writs for the payments of the salaries of various officers in Scotland. 25 Oct. 1305
1/27/0 (CDS, ii, no. 853f) Writs to sheriff of Berwick and sheriffs of six other counties to deliver the lands ... undated
3/21/26 (Neville, Strathearn, Add. Chrs., no. 1) Ysenda, spouse of Earl Gilbert of Strathearn, by consent of the earl her lord, has ... 1221 X 1223
2/51/7 (Glas. Reg., no. 228) Yvain, dean of Christianity of Peebles and of Lanark writes to Sir Robert, bishop of ... 26 Jul. 1275
2/51/9 (Glas. Reg., no. 226) Yvain, dean of Christianity of Peebles and of Lanark writes to Sirs Robert, bishop of ... 15 Sept. 1275
2/51/8 (Glas. Reg., no. 227) Yvain, dean of Christianity of Peebles and of Lanark writes to Sirs Robert, bishop of ... 9 Aug. 1275
4/20/3 (Melr. Lib., no. 40) [An agreement is formed, whereby] Robert Avenel and Gervase his heir have quitclaimed in perpetuity ... X 8 Mar. 1185
3/0/0 (CDS, iii, no. 117) [Anonymous, John of Argyll (?) apparently to the king], tells him that his health is ... circa 1309
5/0/0 (Stevenson, Docs., ii, no. 444) [Anonymous, probably Alexander of the Isles] These are the injuries committed by Sir Alexander of ... Jun. 1297
3/464/1 (TNA, DL 25/546) [Benedict of Pennington and Meldred his brother], with the consent of their heirs, have [given] ... 1142 X 1183
2/2/9 (Durh. Rites, App. 6, no. 46) [Brother Andrew, bishop of Argyll, grants another indulgence.] 1310
4/39/23 (Cold. Corr., App., xci) [COLDINGHAM EXTENT CONT.] WEST LUMSDEN (BWK): Roger son of Adam held two ploughgates and a ...
4/39/28 (Cold. Corr., App., xciv-xcvii) [COLDINGHAM EXTENT CONT.] COLDINGHAM (BWK): The Priory is not taxed. There are in demesne ten ... circa 1298 X
4/39/27 (Cold. Corr., App., xciii-xciv) [COLDINGHAM EXTENT CONT.] RENTON (BWK): The Prior of Coldingham has there one residence and one ... circa 1298
4/39/24 (Cold. Corr., App., xci) [COLDINGHAM EXTENT CONT.] AYTON INFERIOR (BWK): The chief residence is waste. There are three ploughgates ... 22 Jul. 1298 X
4/39/26 (Cold. Corr., App., xcii-xciii) [COLDINGHAM EXTENT CONT.] AUCHENCROW (BWK): The Prior of Coldingham has there two tofts and five ... circa 1298
4/39/29 (Cold. Corr., App., xcvii-xcviii) [COLDINGHAM EXTENT CONT.] EAST RESTON (BWK): The Prior of Coldingham has there two tofts and ... circa 1298
4/39/33 (Cold. Corr., App., c-ci) [COLDINGHAM EXTENT CONT.] EYEMOUTH BWK: There is not any demesne, because it is sited in ... circa 1298

Listing items 9951 to 10000, page 200 of 202