People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371



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Calendar number Description Date
4/39/25 (Cold. Corr., App., xcii) [COLDINGHAM EXTENT CONT.] FLEMINGTON (BWK): Chief residence is waste. John Ridel holds two ploughgates of ... circa 1298
4/39/37 (Cold. Corr., App., cii-civ) [COLDINGHAM EXTENT CONT.] LAMBERTON (BWK) {on the dorse of the roll}: Lord Henry of Halliburton ... circa 1298
4/39/22 (Cold. Corr., App., ci-cii) [COLDINGHAM EXTENT CONT.] LAMBERTON INFERIOR: Lord Ingram de Guines holds Lamberton inferior from the Prior ... circa 1298
4/39/34 (Cold. Corr., App., ci) [COLDINGHAM EXTENT CONT.] LAMBERTON SUPERIOR (BWK): In Lamberton superior are six ploughgates of land with ... circa 1298
4/39/36 (Cold. Corr., App., cii) [COLDINGHAM EXTENT CONT.] PRENDERGUEST (BWK): Henry of Prenderguest holds on residence ... from the Prior ... circa 1298
4/39/30 (Cold. Corr., App., xcviii) [COLDINGHAM EXTENT CONT.] SWINWOODBARNS AND SWINWOOD (BWK): In demesne there are five ploughgates of land, ... circa 1298
4/39/31 (Cold. Corr., App., xcviii-xcix) [COLDINGHAM EXTENT CONT.]: WEST RENTON (BWK): The Prior's Manor with garden is worth 3s per ... circa 1298
4/39/32 (Cold. Corr., App., xcix-c) [COLDINGHAM EXTENT CONT.]: OLD CAMBUS (BWK): The Prior has his manor with two ploughgates of ... circa 1298
4/39/22 (Cold. Corr., App., xc-xci) [COLDINGHAM EXTENT CONTINUED] EAST LUMSDEN (BWK) Roger son of Gilbert held one chief residence and ... circa 1298
4/39/21 (Cold. Corr., App., xc) [COLDINGHAM EXTENT CONTINUED] AYTON SUPERIOR (BWK). The Prior of Coldingham has in the said toun ... circa 1298
4/39/20 (Cold. Corr., App., lxxxix-xc) [COLDINGHAM EXTENT CONTINUED] EDROM. And there is a chief residence, worth yearly 11d and no ... circa 1298
2/10/214 (Finch. Chrs., no. 183) [David], bishop of St Andrews, relaxes 20 days of penance to those who contribute to ... 26 Jun. 1242
1/50/18 (Stevenson, Docs., i, no. 91) [Duncan], earl of Fife, Alexander Comyn, earl of Buchan, […], Guardians of the realm of ... 13 Mar. 1289
2/71/24 (Dunf. Reg., no. 336) [Dunfermline Abbey?] has given, granted and by this his charter established to Newbattle Abbey one ... undated
1/27/0 (CDS, ii, no. 1702) [Edward I] grants to the abbot and convent of Dundrennan, and their heirs free warren ... 18 Oct. 1305
1/27/0 (CDS, ii, no. 1653) [Edward I] grants to the abbot and convent of Dunfermline a weekly market on Thursday ... 28 Mar. 1305
1/27/0 (CDS, ii, no. 1703) [Edward I] grants to the abbot and convent of Sweetheart in Galloway of free warren ... 18 Oct. 1305
1/27/0 (CDS, ii, no. 1652) [Edward I] grants to the prior and convent of Durham and the prior and convent ... 24 Mar. 1305
5/1/0 (Abdn. Burgh Chrs., no. 3) [Edward I], the king and governor of the kingdom of Scotland, addresses John of Guildford, ... 18 Nov. 1292
1/56/15 (Percy Chartulary, no. 1063) [Edward, king of Scots, gives Henry de Percy the] manor of Carse Stirling which was ... 5 Sept. 1334
1/27/0 (Stevenson, Docs., i, no. 301) [Edward], king and lord superior of Scotland, states that since Richard Fraser rendered a payment ... 14 Nov. 1292
5/3/0 (CDS, v, no. 266d) [From Wardrobe Account Book] Payment to John de Okham, clerk, for carriage of 2000 merks ... May 1301 X Oct. 1301
5/3/0 (CDS, v, no. 472f) [From the account book of John of Droxford, keeper of the Wardrobe] Payment to John ... Mar. 1306
5/3/0 (CDS, v, no. 398b) [Giles d’Argentan] received £1 at Stirling on 26 July 1304. 26 Jul. 1304
3/18/6 (St A. Lib., 373-4) [Gillecrist, earl of] Mar, has [given], granted and [by his charter established] to God and ... circa 1183 X 13 Oct. 1207
5/0/0 (Stevenson, Docs., ii, no. 455) [Hugh de Cressingham?] writes to Edward I noting that he received his letters by the ... 24 Jul. 1297
5/0/0 (Stevenson, Docs., ii, no. 463) [Hugh de Cressingham?] writes to King Edward noting that, according to his orders, he has ... 4 Aug. 1297
4/32/63 (Glas. Reg., no. 147) [Hugh], bishop of Dunkeld, T[homas de Melsonby], prior of Coldingham and R[alph Niger], dean of ... 15 Jan. 1229
3/12/39 (Stevenson, Docs., i, no. 307) [John Comyn, earl of Buchan] came into the presence of the barons and acknowledged that ... Mar. 1293
2/30/11 (Reg. Romeyn, ii, no. 1403) [John, archbishop of York] commands the prior and chapter of Whithorn and the clergy and ... 30 May 1294
2/30/13 (Reg. Romeyn, ii, no. 1403e) [John, archbishop of York] writes to Master R. de Sauthorp, his official of the Whithorn ... 30 May 1294
2/30/14 (Reg. Romeyn, ii, no. 1411) [John, archbishop of York] writes to lord Thomas, bishop of Whithorn, reproving him for not ... 10 Feb. 1295 X 9 Feb. 1296
1/27/0 (CDS, ii, no. 1771) [King Edward I] grants to John of Hastings and his heirs the earldom of Menteith ... 22 May 1306
1/27/0 (CDS, ii, no. 1772) [King Edward I] grants to Thomas, bishop of Candida Casa, in honour of God and ... 24 May 1306
1/27/0 (CDS, ii, no. 1757) [King Edward I], for his good service, grants to Humphrey de Bohun, earl of Hereford ... 10 Apr. 1306
4/32/70 (Pais. Reg., 174-5) [Laurence], dean of Carrick, [Richard], dean of Cunningham, and [Alan], master of schools of Ayr ... 30 Sept. 1234
4/32/71 (Pais. Reg., 173-74) [Laurence], dean of Carrick, [Richard], dean of Cunningham, and [Alan], master of schools of Ayr, ... circa 30 Sept. 1234 X
4/32/74 (Pais. Reg., 169-70) [Laurence], dean of Carrick, [Richard], dean of Cunningham, and [Alan], master of schools of Ayr, ... 12 Nov. 1233 X 25 Apr. 1235
3/21/51 (Neville, Strathearn, no. 61) [Malise II, earl of Strathearn], has given, granted, and established by his charter, to Cecilia, ... 22 Aug. 1259 X 23 Nov. 1271
4/30/4 (Foedera, i, I, 157) [Pandulph, bishop-elect of Norwich and papal legate notifies that] on the morrow of St Peter ... 2 Aug. 1220
2/77/7 (TNA, C 60/83, m.7) [Patrick], abbot of Melrose, gave half a mark for a writ of trespass. 20 Jun. 1285
2/131/57 (Scotia Pontificia, no. 102) [Pope Alexander III] writes to Bishop John of St Andrews, answering a question, and informs ... Summer 1180 X 30 Jul. 1181
2/140/98 (Reg. Greg. IX, no. 6025) [Pope Gregory IX] commands the archdeacon, chancellor and precentor of York, concerning a cause between ... 17 Apr. 1241
5/7/0 (Stevenson, Docs., ii, no. 611) [Robert de Tilliol, keeper of Lochmaben Castle] informs the king that he has rejoiced them ... Sept. 1301
1/53/439 (RMS, i, no. 1) [Robert, king of Scots] has given his beloved and faithful [Patrick, earl of March], all ... Jun. 1314 X 7 Jun. 1329
5/7/1 (CDS, ii, no. 531) [Robert] Gray, castellan of Banff acknowledges receipt from Robert son of Henry, William the Porter ... Monday 10 Sept. 1291
2/40/10 (Inchcolm, no. 23) [Robert], dean, and the chapter of Dunkeld, with common consent and assent, have granted and ... 21 Jun. 1256
1/53/259 (RRS, v, no. 231) [Robert], king of Scots, has given Crossraguel abbey the land of Drumgarloch (AYR) in pure ... 4 Jun. 1323
5/3/0 (CDS, ii, no. 1226) [Sir Hugh de Audeley?] to the king; it had been arranged between himself, the sheriff ... 23 Sept. 1301 X
1/53/343 (RRS, v, no. 301) [Sir James Balfour of Denmilne produced in parliament on 25 December 1650 a document found ... 15 Jul. 1326

Listing items 10001 to 10050, page 201 of 202