People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371



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Full Name Floruit
Murdoch (father of Máel Domnaig)
Aelfwald (father of Aldan)
Merewine (father of Ulkill)
Maldred (father of Ulkil)
Gilla Andréis, son of Oggu
Gill', son of Merchev (Merewin?)
Sewale, knight
Merchev (father of Gill')
Abbots of Kelso
Joan, sister of Thomas Bassett
Henry I, king of England (d.1135)
Richard of the castle
Peter, son of Kercembald
Robert, the ironsmith, master
Unknown, justice of Lothian
Unknown, justice of Teviotdale
Kercembald (father of Peter)
Uhtred, priest (TRD & M)
Saint Machutus (St Malo)
Henry de Bohun, earl of Hereford (d.1220)
Michael, bishop of the Isles (d.1203)
Walter, clerk of Richard de Prebenda
Patrick, abbot of Melrose (d.1207)
Roger de Pont l'Évêque, archbishop of York (d.1181)
Jordan (father of Henry)
Unknown, treasurer of Dunkeld?
Geoffrey (father of William of Ord)
Brian (father of Bernard)
Henry, butler (father of Robert)
Geoffrey Neville
Godwin, man of Nicholas the chancellor
Bishops of Aberdeen
Christina, daughter of William Maule
Máel Bethad (father of Simon)
Unknown, daughter of Samuel (TRW)
Samuel (father of Gilchrist's mother)
William, son of Nigel
Uhtred Presun
Nigel (father of William)
Philip II, king of France (d.1223)
Margaret Prat, wife of Richard Melville
Thor(ald) (father of William, sheriff of Stirling)
Gilla Muire (of Lundin)
Pain Boswell (de Boseville)
Unknown, (lay) abbot of Abernethy
Unknown, earl
Swain (father of Henry)
Aethelstan (father of Ulkil)
Uhtred (father of Oswulf)
Undweyn (father of Machus)

Listing items 101 to 150, page 3 of 452