People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 2/10/10 (SEA, i, no. 125)

Robert, bishop of St Andrews, for Holyrood Abbey; with assent of chapter, has granted those things which King David has given, namely, church of [Edinburgh] castle with Saughton (MLO); church of St Cuthbert [in Edinburgh]; church of Corstorphine (MLO) with two oxgangs and six acres; church of Airth (STL) with two ploughgates of land in that villa and a saltpan with twenty seven acres of land; church of Livingstone (WLO) with half a ploughgate of land; church of Whitekirk (ELO), and Whitekirk and Ford (MLO); Broughton (MLO); Inverleith (MLO) and Pittendriech (MLO), reserving episcopal dignity and authority
Firm date
1128 X 24 May 1153
Probable date
1140s or early 1150s
Dating Notes
Foundation of the abbacy at Dunfermline × death of King David; prob. based on the presence of Aiulf, dean of Lothian
Source for Data Entry
Scottish Episcopal Acta, i, no. 125
Trad. ID
SEA, i, no. 125
Calendar number
Charter type
Original (contemporary)
Document Image
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