People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 3/44/1 (Wemyss, ii, no. 2)

John of Ainslie, knight, has given, granted and established by his present charter at feuferme to John of Wemyss and Amabilla his (Ainslie’s) daughter, spouse of John of Wemyss all his land of Over Cameron (in Markinch parish, FIF), with commons of Nether Cameron, with all its pertinents, liberties and easements, by stated bounds, noting the land of Robert Galle and the land of Fergus, making to the lord earl of Fife for service owed, and for grinding at the earl’s mill at Cameron, 10 calders of grain, for an annual render of 3d., that is, three haypennies at Pentecost, and three at Martinmas, in the name of feuferme, for all services, customs, exactions and demands pertaining to him.
Firm date
circa 1290
Probable date
Late thirteenth century, poss. ca. 1290
Source for Data Entry
Fraser, Wemyss Memorials, ii, no. 2
Trad. ID
Wemyss, ii, no. 2
Calendar number
Charter type
Original (contemporary)
Location uncertain. On Over Cameron, see Taylor, Place-Names of Fife, ii, 418-19. On other lands in this charter, see Taylor, Place-Names of Fife, i, 579-80

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Date Short Summary Holder Lord
circa 1290 Over Cameron (in Markinch parish, FIF) John of Ainslie, knight
circa 1290 Land of Robert Galle Robert Galle
circa 1290 Land of Fergus Fergus (landholder in Fife)
circa 1290 Mill at Cameron (FIF) Unknown, earl of Fife