People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371



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Full Name Floruit
John Graham, son of John Graham of Abercorn
John of Inchmartine (mid 14C)
John Graham, lord of Dalkeith
John Cameron, grandfather of John Cameron, lord of Baledgerno
Patrick Graham
Philip of Kent
Henry of Chicester
Unknown, abbot of Hailes (Gloucestershire)
Unknown, steward of Gascony
Unknown, treasurer and barons of exchequer of Dublin
Thomas of Brotherton, earl of Norfolk (d.1338)
Edmund of Woodstock, earl of Kent (d.1330)
Men of Chestershire
unknown, abbot of Lathiniaco
Sicard de Vauro, papal nuncio
Roger of Wingfield, clerk
Robert, count of Flanders (d.1322)
William, count of Hainaut and Holland (d.1337)
Aldermen of London
John, bishop of Norwich (d.1325)
William Inge
Unknow, sheriff of Cheshire
Gilbert Makasky/Mac Askel, steward of bishop of Durham
Elias de Joneston, clerk
Roger de Wadenho, clerk
P. de Columpna, cardinal
John de Friscobald
Philip de Friscobald
Bettin de Friscobald
Simon of Ghent, bishop of Salisbury
Peter de Monte Spertuli
Bernard de Gote, merchant
Thomas de Monthermer, son of Ralph
Edward de Monthermer, son of Ralph
Robert, ewer
Arnald, bishop of Poitiers
Martin de Rynbiaco, master, prior of Wangford
Andrew Sapiti of Florence
B., cardinal-priest of SS John and Paul
A., cardinal-priest of St Sabina
John de Lenham
Henry Spigurnel, knight
John/Nicholas of Banstead, knight
Peter Auger
Henry le Scrop
Robert of Woodhouse, escheator
Robert Bainard
Gilbert de Clare, earl of Gloucester and Hereford (d.1314)
Francis Gaetani, nepos of Francis Caetani
Guy de la Val, master

Listing items 1 to 50, page 1 of 452