People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Transaction: Agreement between Bishop Walter and chapter of Glasgow, and Peter, abbot of Jedburgh and his chapter, over dignities, liberties, etc.

Type of Transaction
From Source
4/4/9 (Glas. Reg., no. 114)
Firm date
23 October 1220
Dating Notes
Date in text.
Render dates
Feast of St James [25 July]
Nominal renders
incense; wax
Corroboration / sealing

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Role Name Name (original language) Name (translation) Floruits
Party 1 Walter of St Albans, bishop of Glasgow (d.1232) Walterum Walter, bishop of Glasgow 1194 × 1232
Party 1 Chapter of Glasgow eiusdem loci capitulum the chapter of Glasgow 1161 × 1321
Party 2 Peter, abbot of Jedburgh (fl.1220) Petrum Peter, abbot of Jedburgh 1219 × 1220
Party 2 Chapter of Jedburgh Abbey eiusdem loci capitulum the chapter of Jedburgh 1220 × 1220
Judge Hugh of Leuhine Hugonis de Leuhine Sir Hugh of Leuhine 1220 × 1220
Judge Stephen of Lilliesleaf, master, clerk, persona Stephani de Lillescl' Master Stephen of Lilliesleaf 1203 × 1227
Judge Hugh of Potton, archdeacon of Glasgow (d.1238) Hugonis de Potton Master Hugh of Potton 1214 × 1237
Judge William of Earlston, master Willelmi de Ercheldune Master William of Earlstone 1220 × 1231
Judge Robert Hertford, precentor of Glasgow (fl.1223×25-1228) Roberti de Hertford sir Robert of Hertford, persona of Castleton 1220 × 1228
named person (transaction) Adam Ovid, master (fl.1203-33) Ade Ouidii Master Adam Ovid 1201 × 1235
named person (transaction) Ralph del Bois, master, persona of Hutton (Glasgow) Radulfi de Bosco sir Ralph de Bosco

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Type Name Original Text Related Place
ROX parish church of Jedburgh parochialis ecclesia de Jedd' Jedburgh
DMF (Dumfriesshire) Church of Liddel (Canonbie) ecclesia de Lidel Canonbie
ROX (Roxburghshire) church of Hownam parochia de Hunum Hownam
ROX Church of Hobkirk ecclesia de Hopechirke Hobkirk
ROX Church of Wauchope ecclesia de Walleuhope Wauchope
England church of Kirkandrews on Esk Kirkandres Kirkandrews (on Esk)
DMF (Dumfriesshire) church of Sibbaldbie ecclesia de Sibaldebi Sibbaldbie
ROX Church of Abbotrule ecclesia de Rule abbatis Abbotrule
ROX Church of Longnewton ecclesia de Longa Neuton' Longnewton
ROX (Roxburghshire) church of Oxnam Oxenham Oxnam
ROX (Roxburghshire) Church of Eckford Hecford Eckford
ROX (Roxburghshire) church of Castleton (St Martin of Liddesdale) Lidel Sancti Martini Castleton (Liddel)
DMF (Dumfriesshire) church of Hutton ecclesia de Hotton Hutton

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Type Name Original Text Related Place
ROX (Roxburghshire) teinds of barley of the parish of Hownam Hownam