People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Possession: Demesne land of Dundrennan Abbey in KCB and WIG

From Source
1/27/0 (CDS, ii, no. 1702)
Firm date
18 October 1305
Dating Notes
18 Oct., regnal year 33

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Type Name Original Text Related Place
KCB (Kirkcudbrightshire) Gairstang Girdsting
KCB (Kirkcudbrightshire) Newlaw Newlaw
KCB (Kirkcudbrightshire) Overlaw Overlaw
KCB (Kirkcudbrightshire) Netherlaw Netherlaw
KCB (Kirkcudbrightshire) Auchengool Auchengool
KCB (Kirkcudbrightshire) Upper Rerrick Rerrick
KCB (Kirkcudbrightshire) Nether Rerrick Rerrick
KCB (Kirkcudbrightshire) Rascarrel Rascarrel
KCB (Kirkcudbrightshire) Auchencairn Auchencairn
KCB (Kirkcudbrightshire) Clonfinaghe Clonfinaghe
KCB (Kirkcudbrightshire) Barlocco Wood (?) Barlocco
KCB (Kirkcudbrightshire) Barlocco Barlocco
KCB (Kirkcudbrightshire) Hestan Island Hestan Island
KCB (Kirkcudbrightshire) hospital of Cree (Spittal) Spittal (Cree)
KCB (Kirkcudbrightshire) Kirkpatrick-Durham Kirkpatrick-Durham
KCB (Kirkcudbrightshire) Auchenkipp Kipp
WIG (Wigtownshire) Biskeby Biskeby
WIG (Wigtownshire) Culscadden Culscadden