People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Transaction: List of prisoners taken at Dunbar

Type of Transaction
ERA (Prisoners)
From Source
5/0/0 (CDS, ii, no. 742)
Firm date
16 May 1296

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Role Name Name (original language) Name (translation) Floruits
Prisoner (Dunbar) William (II), earl of Ross (d.1323) earl of Ross 1278 × 1321
Prisoner (Dunbar) John of Strathbogie, earl of Atholl (d.1306) earl of Atholl 1284 × 1305
Prisoner (Dunbar) Alexander, earl of Menteith (d.1297x1306) earl of Menteith 1286 × 1296
Prisoner (Dunbar) John Comyn of Badenoch (d.1306) John son of John Comyn of Badenoch, knight 1296 × 1303
Prisoner (Dunbar) Richard Siward, elder, lord of Kellie (d.a.1311) Richard Siward, knight 1266 × 1308
Prisoner (Dunbar) John, son of Geoffrey, knight John fitz Geoffrey, knight
Prisoner (Dunbar) Andrew Murray, knight, justiciar, lord of Petty and Avoch Andrew of Moray, knight 1275 × 1293
Prisoner (Dunbar) John of Inchmartine, knight John of Inchmartine, knight 1279 × 1307
Prisoner (Dunbar) David Graham (V) (son of Patrick), knight David son of Patrick of Graham, knight 1289 × 1308
Prisoner (Dunbar) Alexander Menzies, knight Alexander de Menzies, knight 1290 × 1313
Prisoner (Dunbar) Nicholas Randolph, son of Thomas Randolph, knight Nicholas Randolph son of Thomas Randolph, knight
Prisoner (Dunbar) Laurence of Strathbogie, knight Laurence of Strathbogie, knight 1282 × 1298
Prisoner (Dunbar) Henry of Inchmartine, knight Henry of Inchmartine, knight 1306 × 1306
Prisoner (Dunbar) William of Kilpatrick of Annandale William of Kilpatrick of Annandale, esquire
Prisoner (Dunbar) Alexander Sinclair, esquire Alexander Sinclair, esquire
Prisoner (Dunbar) Robert of Moncur, valet Robert de Mountecourt, esquire
Prisoner (Dunbar) Alexander Corbet, esquire Alexander Corbet, esquire 1314 × 1325
Prisoner (Dunbar) Constantine of Lochore (III), son of Constantine, sheriff Constantine of Lochore, knight 1280 × 1305
Prisoner (Dunbar) Michael Scott of Balwearie, knight Michael Scot, knight 1280 × 1310
Prisoner (Dunbar) David Cameron, esquire David Cameron, esquire
Prisoner (Dunbar) Macbeth of Atholl, esquire Macbeth of Atholl, esquire
Prisoner (Dunbar) Laurence of Angus, esquire Laurence of Angus, esquire
Prisoner (Dunbar) Walter of Buttergask, valet Walter of Buttergask, esquire
Prisoner (Dunbar) John of Glenurquhart, knight John of Glenurquhart, knight
Prisoner (Dunbar) William Hay, knight William de Haya, knight
Prisoner (Dunbar) Walter Barclay, knight Walter of Berkeley, knight 1296 × 1308
Prisoner (Dunbar) James of Menteith, esquire James of Menteith, esquire
Prisoner (Dunbar) Luke, son of Donald of Lennox, esquire Luke son of Donald of Lennox, esquire
Prisoner (Dunbar) John of Cluny of Fife, esquire John of Cluny of Fife, esquire
Prisoner (Dunbar) Godfrey de Ros, knight, sheriff (son of Godfrey) Godfrey de Ros, knight 1255 × 1296
Prisoner (Dunbar) John Curry, knight John Curry, knight 1296 × 1304
Prisoner (Dunbar) William Oliphant of Dupplin and Aberdalgie, knight (d.1329) William Oliphant, esquire 1315 × 1324
Prisoner (Dunbar) John de Boterwange, esquire John de Boterwange, esquire
Prisoner (Dunbar) Malcolm of Haddington, esquire Malcolm of Haddington, esquire
Prisoner (Dunbar) Duncan Scott, son of Michael, of Balwearie Duncan Scot, esquire 1310 × 1310
Prisoner (Dunbar) Adam Murray, knight (d.1309) Adam of Moray, knight 1275 × 1291
Prisoner (Dunbar) Nicholas of Inverlunan of Inchture, esquire Nicholas of Inverlunan of Inchture, esquire
Prisoner (Dunbar) David in the mire, esquire David in the mire, esquire
Prisoner (Dunbar) John, son of John of Strathbogie, earl of Atholl John of Strathbogie, esquire
Prisoner (Dunbar) David of Ireland, esquire David of Ireland, esquire
Prisoner (Dunbar) Thomas Campbell, esquire and knight Thomas Campbell, esquire 1296 × 1309
Prisoner (Dunbar) Robert Comyn (d.1306) Robert Comyn brother of John Comyn of Badenoch, esquire 1302 × 1302
Prisoner (Dunbar) William of Middlesbrough, esquire William of Middlesbrough, esquire
Prisoner (Dunbar) Neteiny de Lecheville, knight Neteiny de Lecheville, knight
Prisoner (Dunbar) Richard of Denmuir, knight Richard of Denmuir, knight 1305 × 1305
Prisoner (Dunbar) Andrew of Southgarton, esquire Andrew of Southgarton, esquire
Prisoner (Dunbar) John de Putsurich, esquire John de Putsurich, esquire
Prisoner (Dunbar) Brice, tailor, esquire Brice the tailor, esquire
Prisoner (Dunbar) Walter of Landells, esquire Walter de Laundells, esquire
Prisoner (Dunbar) William, son of John Murray, knight William son of John of Moray, knight