People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Transaction: * Petitions at Edinburgh before Edward I of Roger Bartholomew, burgess of Berwick against Margery Moyne

Type of Transaction
From Source
4/37/5 (Stevenson, Docs., i, no. 305)
Firm date
Monday 22 December 1292
Dating Notes
Monday before Christmas

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Role Name Name (original language) Name (translation) Floruits
Litigant Margery Moyne Margeria Moygne Margery Moyne
Litigant Roger Bartholomew, master, burgess of Berwick Rogerum Bertelmeu Master Roger Bartholomew
named person (transaction) William, goldsmith, mayor of Berwick William le Orfeure William the goldsmith 1263 × 1264
named person (transaction) Unknown, boys of Margery Moyne puerorum ipsius Margeriae boys of the same Margery
named person (transaction) William Fraser, bishop of St Andrews (d.1297) episcopi Sancti Andreae bishop of St Andrews 1271 × 1296
named person (transaction) Unknown, executors of William goldsmith executorem testamenti Willelmi executors of will of William goldsmith, late husband of Margery
named person (transaction) Philip of Ryedale, mayor of Berwick Philippi de Rydale Philip of Ryedale 1263 × 1302
named person (transaction) Walter of Thornton Walterum Walter [of Thornton], her husband and attorney 1299 × 1299
named person (transaction) John, son of William the goldsmith Johannem filium Willelmi John son of William
named person (transaction) Baillies of Berwick ballivos de Berewyke baillies of Berwick 1269 × 1364