People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Transaction: Gift of Snade and lands in the barony of Glencairn (DMF)

Type of Transaction
From Source
1/53/460 (RMS, i, no. 31)
Firm date
25 March 1306 X 7 June 1329
Probable date
24 June 1314 ×
Dating Notes
inauguration × death of King Robert I; prob. after battle of Bannockburn
for homage and service; in feu and heritage; in free barony; making suit at court; of us and our heirs
Returns / Military
Corroboration / sealing

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Role Name Name (original language) Name (translation) Floruits
Grantor Robert [Bruce] I, king of Scots (d.1329) Robertus, etc. Robert, etc. 1292 × 1329
Beneficiary John, son of Lachlan Johanni filio Lochlani our beloved and faithful John son of Lachlan 1306 × 1306

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Type Name Original Text Related Place
DMF (Dumfriesshire) Snade with park and demesne land of Baliferne terram de Snathe cum parco et dominico terre de Baliferne Snade
DMF (Dumfriesshire) Achinracheny terram de Achinracheny Unmapped (DMF)
DMF (Dumfriesshire) land of Kirkpatrick in barony of Glencairn terram de Kyrkpatryk Unmapped (DMF)
DMF (Dumfriesshire) land of Logan in barony of Glencairn terram de Logan Unmapped (DMF)
DMF (Dumfriesshire) Dardarroch terra de Bardarache Dardarroch
DMF (Dumfriesshire) Straith et de Strath ... infra baroniam de Glenkarne Straith