People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Place: BWK (Berwickshire) >> Coldingham >> Coldingham Priory

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Name Floruits Related place
Alexander, almoner of Coldingham Coldingham Priory
Almshouse of Coldingham 1234 × 1285 Coldingham Priory
Coldingham Priory (fd.1139) 1107 × 1368 Coldingham Priory
Court of the prior of Coldingham 1203 × 1297 Coldingham Priory
Elias, monk of Coldingham 1208 × 1208 Coldingham Priory
Geoffrey de Castro, cellarer of Coldingham 1263 × 1263 Coldingham Priory
Priors of Coldingham Coldingham Priory
Ralph, prior of Coldingham (fl.x1203) 1203 × 1203 Coldingham Priory
Richard, sacrist of Coldingham 1230 × 1240 Coldingham Priory
Robert of Bowes, almoner of Coldingham 1304 × 1304 Coldingham Priory
Sacristy of Coldingham Priory 1242 × 1250 Coldingham Priory
Simon, brother of the prior of Coldingham 1229 × 1249 Coldingham Priory
W. Cuthbert, almoner of Coldingham Priory Coldingham Priory

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Date Short Summary Primary Witnesses
1263 X 1276 Gift of 1 acre of land in the plain of Coldingham which Gregory Bethigg once held at ferme from William Stampard yes Adam, son of Walter of Ayton ; Elias, clerk (Coldingham); Gilbert of Lumsdaine; Gilbert, son of Gilbert of Lumsdaine; Henry of Prenderguest (II) knight; Peter Cogan ; Richard, brother of Thomas of Coldingham ; Robert Buring ; Thomas, son of Robert the steward; Walter, son of smith of Ayton
X 1232 Quitclaim of claims to woods of Coldingham Priory yes Alan, son of Cospatric of Swinton; Andrew of Paxton; David de Bonville, marischal (fl.late 12C-mid13C); Henry of Prenderguest (I); John de St Michael, knight; Matthew de Normanville ; Patrick (II), earl of Dunbar (d.1248); Patrick of Preston; Patrick, son of Adam son of Aldan the steward; Robert of Upsettlington, sheriff of Berwick; Simon, son of Thomas; Stephen of the Wardrobe; Thomas Gordon; Walter of Paxton; William de Vieuxpont, son of Emma or son of Matilda (13C); William de Wideslade; William of Lumsdaine
24 May 1153 X 1162 Command that [named] woods of Coldingham Priory shall be preserve of the prior and monks yes Alan Stewart, son of Walter (d.1204); Geoffrey of Conisbrough; John de Vaux (fl.c.1160-89); Richard de Moreville (d.1189 or 1190); Richard, bishop of St Andrews (d.1178); Richard, chaplain of Earl David; Thomas of London; Unknown, bishop of St Andrews (12C); Walter de Bidun (d.1178); Walter Stewart (I), son of Alan (d.1177); Walter, clerk of Chancellor Walter de Bidun; William, clerk of unknown earl
24 Dec. 1165 X 1171 *Concession of warren yes
29 May 1279 Quitclaim of right and claim to hospitality in priory of Coldingham yes Alan of Ormiston, knight (d.c.1289); Hugh of Pearsby, sheriff of Roxburgh; John de Wyndsceles; John of Badby, son of William; John, clerk of Fogo; Philip of Halliburton; Simon Fraser (III) (d.1291×92); Thomas Randolph (d.c.1296); William of Badby, constable of Berwick
10 May 1286 Concession of indemnity from visitation yes
Thursday 11 Feb. 1289 Concession of indeminity from visitation yes