People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 1/53/365 (RMS, i, App. 1, no. 41)

At Stirling on 4 April, AD 1327, in the presence of his council, [King Robert] has ascertained through good and faithful men that his burgesses of Stirling were accustomed to have in the time of his predecessors the kings of Scotland, and ought to have by right and custom, common pasture for horses and wood in his forests between the Rivers Forth and Carron (STL), to be paid every week for each horse to his foresters ... and that his burgesses were in full possession of digging peats in the peatary of 'Skewok', paying annually for each 'wong' one penny. He wills and grants that the burgesses should have these things in perpetuity, and he commands his sheriff of Stirling and his baillies to maintain and defend them.
Firm date
4 April 1327
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4 April, AD 1327
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RMS, i, App. 1, no. 41
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RMS, i, App. 1, no. 41
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