People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 4/39/30 (Cold. Corr., App., xcviii)

[COLDINGHAM EXTENT CONT.] SWINWOODBARNS AND SWINWOOD (BWK): In demesne there are five ploughgates of land, with 13 acres making an oxgang. A ploughgate is valued at one mark per year. And there is a cowshed (or dairy farm?: vaccaria) with a separate pasture, worth 40s. There are six acres of meadow, which can be mowed in any year, with an acre worth 12d yearly. There are 40 acres of wood, which are not valued. And there is a peatary which is not to be sold. Heath not to be sold. There are four ploughgates of land in bondage, with a ploughgate worth two marks yearly. There are nine cottages, to which belong four and a half acres, worth 12 per acre per year. Brewhouse worth 12d annually. FREEMEN: Walter Ayre holds one toft and one ploughgate of land paying two marks annually. The same holds at farm that land it is forfeited. Sum total 12 pounds 16 shillings.
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circa 1298
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Cold. Corr., App., xcviii
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Cold. Corr., App., xcviii
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