People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Document 2/97/15 (Dryb. Lib., no. 87)

Prior Simon and convent of St Andrews make known that in controversy between their brothers and friends, abbeys of Dryburgh and Kilwinning and Sir Alan, son of Roland, constable of Scotland, made before archdeacon of St Andrews and priors of May and Dunfermline, papal judges-delegate, concerning rightful patronage of church of Lauder (BWK) and teinds concerning church, prior and convent have ratified and established agreement as contained in authentic document of judges.
Firm date
9 July 1221 X 1225
Dating Notes
Appointment of judges-delegate (_Dryb. Lib._, no. 84A; 7 id. July, pontifical year 5 of Honorius III) × resignation of Prior Simon of St Andrews
Source for Data Entry
Dryburgh Liber, no. 87
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Dryb. Lib., no. 87
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